Jan 14, 2013

KIMMEL, SILVERMAN, HANKS (new law firm?)

Top 5 Moments - Jimmy Kimmel Live
1 Kimmel's Lie Detector
Kids don't stand a chance against Kimmel's lie detector
Kimmel uses a colander and wires to ask a first-grader tough questions. (4 min.)
2 Sarah Silverman Gets With Matt Damon
Sarah Silverman gets with Matt Damon
Comedienne Sarah Silverman delivers some bad news to Kimmel. (4 min.)
3 Kimmel's Response to Silverman
Kimmel's response to Silverman
How do you top Matt Damon? With Ben Affleck and a cameo-filled music video, naturally. (5 min.)
4 Tom Hanks - Pageant Dad
Who knew Tom Hanks was a pageant dad?
Actor Tom Hanks introduces us to his daughter and reveals a new side of his personality. (7 min.)
5 Celebs Spoof Hollywood Movies
Celebs spoof Hollywood movies
Kimmel calls in George Clooney and a host of other Oscar winners to spoof blockbuster movies. (9 min.)

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