Jan 19, 2013


TQ (except for RETRO, which is under contract to publish daily) is ceasing blogging for two days to do maintenance, inventory and re-assessment. The plan is to hit the ground running on January22nd with all new content and a new, and more personal and localized format.  No more forwarded newsletters from National Media or Political Groups.  All content will be the result of our own labor and will represent our own creative impulse.  We will be renewing our casting call for contributors, and we will be asking people to please use the comment, search and follow options we offer you.  Twitter and Facebook are nice tools, but both were joined by us to drive traffic, and our analysis of the stats we have does not indicate that the time we spend on those two internet behemoths is as valuable as it should be.
Thanks to all who open these links.
I hope you have and will continue to enjoy them.
Terry A. Travers (and staff)