Jan 29, 2013


January 29, 2013
If there's one accessory that can instantly make any situation funnier, it has to be a vinyl horse head mask.

You've seen this delightful item pop up all over the Internet, on Google Street View and even behind reporters covering Hurricane Sandy.

Now, we think it's time to celebrate this wonderful thing that exists. Enjoy. Continue reading...
Those Crazy Netflix Film Suggestions Might Just Get You in Trouble With the Ladies
 Continue reading...
8 Steps to Prepping Your Living Room for a Super Bowl Party
As a grown up, hosting an epic party without the looming threat of pissing off your wife or neighbors is nearly impossible. Relive your younger years and put on a Milwaukee's Best-infused open invitation bash that leaves your house trashed? You sleep on the couch for three months. Continue reading...
If Eating Chocolate Can Make You Smarter, Can It Also Make You an Olympic Skier?
Can eating chocolate make you more likely to win a Nobel Prize? If so, then by the same logic it appears that eating chocolate can make you a better skier or skater. Continue reading...
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: The Women Find Their Sexy... Kind Of
The ladies find empowerment through pole dancing, Yolanda's lemons are everywhere, and Suzanne Somers shows up! Continue reading...
Meet the Cast of My New Show, Derek
As I am currently filming the new Muppets movie, I am unable to do any chat shows or radio interviews to publicize Derek. Luckily, we conducted an interview with the main cast and transcribed it into this blog, which HuffPost will now publish to its hundreds of millions wonderful, intelligent, comedy-loving readers. Continue reading...

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