Jan 6, 2013

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George Saunders

The noted American stylist finds the humor in some of modern life's most horrifying corners in his latest collection of short stories, Tenth of December.

Tracy Chevalier

The historical novelist known for Girl with the Pearl Earring sets her newest, The Last Runaway, in 1850 Ohio, where a Quaker woman helps run the Underground Railroad.

Brandon Sanderson

The fantasy author takes up the late Robert Jordan's mantle in A Memory of Light, the final book in the epic Wheel of Time series, which has spanned 23 years.


Timothy Ferriss

From The 4-Hour Workweek to The 4-Hour Chef—the strategist and entrepreneur chats live on January 21 about how to master any subject quickly.

Kim Harrison

Dabble in dark magic on January 30 in a live chat with the creator of heroine Rachel Morgan, star of Ever After, the latest in the urban fantasy series The Hollows.


Jared Diamond's Favorite Books About Traditional Societies

The scholar offers wisdom gleaned from ancient lifestyles in this nonfiction list and in his new book, The World Until Yesterday.

Gena Showalter's Favorite Paranormal Romances

Find demons and their ilk in the throes of passion with these picks from the author whose steamy latest is Last Kiss Goodnight.

Seth Godin's Favorite Business Books

Creativity meets business acumen in the marketing guru's new release, The Icarus Deception, and in his top five recs.


Sean Pidgeon

A King Arthur-obsessed archaeologist teams up with an alluring linguist in Finding Camlann, a literary mystery about the hunt for the British legend.


Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See

by Juliann Garey (Goodreads Author)
A Hollywood executive succumbs to bipolar disorder in this visceral novel told in the intervals between electroshock treatments. Abandoning his family and career, he spends a decade careening from continent to continent.

The Hour of Peril

With the nation on the brink of civil war, detective Allan Pinkerton forms the cornerstone of this suspenseful historical account of the "Baltimore Plot," the 1861 assassination attempt on president-elect Abraham Lincoln.

The Death of Bees

In an impoverished neighborhood of Glasgow, two sisters quietly bury their junkie parents in the backyard in this literary black comedy. Hoping to avoid foster care, they attempt to avoid the authorities until one sister is of age.

Chanel Bonfire

by Wendy Lawless (Goodreads Author)
Lawless's couture-clad mother was a narcissistic socialite who tormented her daughters and served up years of abuse masked by a luxurious lifestyle. This memoir recounts the emotional fallout of growing up with a disturbed mother.

The One I Left Behind

by Jennifer McMahon (Goodreads Author)
They never found Reggie's mom's body. Or the serial killer named Neptune who kidnapped her. Twenty-five years later, Reggie gets the call that her mother has been found alive, but soon after Neptune takes his next victim.

The Archived

by Victoria Schwab (Goodreads Author)
Teen Mackenzie Bishop lives a secret life as a "Keeper" in a library of the dead. Archived on shelves, the dead's "Histories" can be read, but the Keepers must prevent their escape in this paranormal mystery for young adults.



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The Old Municipal Pool

The boards of the bathhouse are rotten,
deep in leaves the pool's cracked floor.
The town has changed and has forgotten.
Broken steps of iron ore
lead to a jungle of huge vines,
some hanging from a rusting tower
like a schoolgirl's doodled lines.
The air is thick with what's in flower.

The strange stillness recalls her name,
the empty desk in the next row,
how time had stuck in one scratched frame
now fifteen Decembers ago.
They'd found her dead in the deep water,
beaten, bruises on her throat,
a used-car salesman's long-haired daughter.
I still have her last love note.

I wander into the green gloom
beneath the canopy of leaves,
as though back into that classroom.
She had worn jeans and flowing sleeves
and turned to me with dreamy smiles,
our steps echoing in the school
as mine do now on ruined tiles
of an enormous swimming pool
the years have left a ghostly place
of rust, a splintered bathhouse door,
in whose shadows there is no trace
of what I had come looking for.

With love,
The Goodreads Edit Team
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