Jan 3, 2013

Comedy Resolutions For 2013

January 3, 2013
Here at HuffPost Comedy, we get to spend the year finding the funniest stuff on the Internet and trying our hardest to get you, our readers, to love the comedians, viral videos, funny photos, late night bits and more as much as we do. But since the new year is always a time for improvement and reflection, we thought we would share, as we have in years past, what we hope to see more (and less) of in the 2013. Continue reading...
WATCH: Will Ferrell Knows What Drew Barrymore Likes

WATCH: Every Single Thing Goes Wrong On Live TV

WATCH: This Pug Is Magic

My New Year's Resolutions for 2013
Appear naked on season two of "Girls." Babysit for Kimye. Record video talking and pacing on empty stage; upload it to YouTube; tell everyone I gave TED Talk. Continue reading...
The Daily Szep- Museum Piece
2013-01-03-Screenshot20130103at2.42.02PM.jpg Continue reading...
Introduction to Dregs 101: Part 1, the Beginning
Dregs are videos that question our conception of man as a rational animal. They have very few views, but as strange as it is that anyone has watched them, it's even stranger that anyone uploaded them onto YouTube in the first place. Continue reading...
Seriously Annoying Words, Like 'Fiscal Cliff' and Whatever
The thing about annoying speech is that it comes in more than the adolescent variety. It's easy enough to pick on the youth, because for one thing, they're idiots. But idiocy knows no age. Continue reading...
How to Squash a Budding Relationship in 48 Hours or Less
First, have your own specific expectations that you keep top secret. This is integral. You must have a preconceived notion of how the next 48 hours should go. Continue reading...

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