Nov 26, 2012

US Must Take 'Urgent' Climate Action (!)

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News & Views | 11.26.12


Environmental Critics: US Must Take 'Urgent' Climate Action


Update: Morsi Won't Back Down Ahead of Mass Protests Tuesday

Marine Life Disaster Portended: Ocean Acidification Eats at Heart of Food Chain

Thousands Protest in Morocco Condemning Israel's 'Crimes Against Humanity'

First Amendment Win: Supreme Court Rejects Attempt to Block Recording of Police Officers

and more...



"Morsi Must Go" Chant Thousands of Egyptians

Radhika Balakrishnan: Austerity Is a Human Rights Violation



Oded Na'aman: "It's Mostly Punishment…"

Amanda Marcotte: Sorry, John McCain, But Anti-Choicers Are Judged on Actions, Not Words

Paul Buchheit: Private, Public, Union, or Management: Who Takes All the Money?

John Vidal: Time Is Running Out: The Doha Climate Talks Must Put an End to Excuses

Chris Hedges: Stand Still For the Apocalypse



Corporate Accountability International: Global Tobacco Treaty Meetings Marred by Industry Interference

Public Citizen: Exit of SEC Chair Mary Schapiro Provides New Opportunity For Administration to Enhance Wall Street Reform

Center for Biological Diversity: 200 Groups Object to Lead-poisoning Provision in Sportsmen's Bill

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