Nov 16, 2012

Live From New York, The SNL Supercut

November 16, 2012
The pioneering comedy show "Saturday Night Live" has spanned decades, 38 seasons and 731 episodes. With iconic, memorable skits and characters, "SNL" has demonstrated its relevance through pop culture, politics and music. But throughout the years, one thing has remained the same: the show's introduction. From the '70s through today, hundreds have spoken the famous line "Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night." Cast members, celebrities and even animals (with human assistance) have yelled, slurred and otherwise proclaimed those seven words.

Watch the supercut above to see who has had the privilege of uttering "Live from New York..." over the decades. Continue reading...
'Unless Your Real Name Is 'Sitting Bill' You've Got Nothing To Complain About'

WATCH: Susan Lucci Adds Drama To Petraeus Scandal

WATCH: Mel Brooks Keeps Asking Carl Reiner About His Erection

Congratulations On Your Wedding, Liz Lemon, But Is It Right?
Is Criss really right for you, Liz Lemon? Yes, he's been around for almost two years now and he's devilishly handsome and I'm sure your DNA would mix very well and produce a pretty child, but it just doesn't feel right. Continue reading...
How 13-Year Old Girls Can Wipe Out Terrorism
The girls, wired to the max (sugar and wi-fi), radically pick up the pace of their texting and talking like some kind of futuristic teenage particle accelerator. After five minutes, the prisoners stop smiling. After ten, they become silent. After twenty, they start twitching. A lot. Continue reading...
A Modest Proposal
In light of the Petraeus situation and the scrutiny it has received I have a modest proposal to solve several of the nation's problems at once. Continue reading...
Hey, Mr. Obama, Where's My Gift?
This election was a real win-win. Obama got my vote and won the election, and I will get a gift in return! Because, really, all I care about is instant gratification and myself. And, according to Romney, there are a lot of people just like me who do not really think about others. Continue reading...
Cupcakes No More!
Enough already with the cupcakes. America, you have gone overboard with these pastries. Come on, if we're honest with ourselves, we will admit the attraction of a cupcake is all about the high frosting to cake ratio. Continue reading...

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