Nov 28, 2012

Climate 'Tipping Point' Looms

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News & Views | 11.28.12


'Alarming' Year of Extremes as Climate 'Tipping Point' Looms



Tax the Rich, Take Your Hands Off Medicare: Overwhelming US Majority

Nobel Peace Laureates Call For Military Boycott Of Israel

Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' Back in the Spotlight

Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain Join List of Countries Supporting Palestinian UN Bid

Cairo: Demonstrations Mount as Police Teargas Egyptian Youth

and more...



Kucinich: Push the Middle Class Off the Cliff? No WAY!

Holding Chevron Accountable

and more...



Sam Pizzigati: To Move Forward, We Must Learn from Our Progressive Past

Glenn Greenwald: AP Believes It Found Evidence of Iran's Work on Nuclear Weapons

Lori Wallach: Can a "Dracula Strategy" Bring Trans-Pacific Partnership into the Sunlight?

Bill McKibben, Nnimmo Bassey and Pablo Solon: Leave the Carbon in the Ground: An Open Letter to Governments and Their Negotiators

Jim Hightower: A Death in the Family -- and the Question Is: Whodunit?

Cat Johnson: The Rise of the Sharing Communities

Ana Marie Cox: 'Fiscal Cliff' Hype and the Future of Grover Norquist's Taxpayer Pledge

and more...



Center for Media and Democracy: Wisconsin Legislators Jetting Off on Corporate-Funded Trip to Develop Special Interest Legislation

Food & Water Watch: Voluntary Regulations Not Enough to Reign In Rampant Junk Food Marketing Aimed at Children

and more...

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