Sep 28, 2012

Right Flips Over Racist "Obama-Phone" Vid | Mitt Tied to Registration Fraud | Anti-Islam Film-Maker Arrested

NEWS UPDATE | September 28, 2012

Man Behind Anti-Islam Film Arrested and Held Without Bail

By Laura Gottesdiener, AlterNet

After two weeks of protests across the Middle East, the man behind the Anti-Islam film is behind bars--for parole violations. READ MORE»

The Corporate Media Are Wrong: A Blow Out Win for Obama Is Possible

By Martin Longman, Booman Tribune

The conventional wisdom is that it will remain a tight race, but the conventional wisdom can be wrong. READ MORE»

Stephen Colbert Becomes a Poll Truther: Don't Believe the 'Scientific Gobbledygook'

By Editorial Staff, AlterNet

Is Romney way ahead? READ MORE»

Romney Linked to Voter Registration Firm Accused of Fraud; GOP Cuts Ties With 'Shady' Operation

By Brad Friedman, The BradBlog

Breaking update -- Republicans running from Strategic Allied Consulting READ MORE»

Report: Man Who Was 'Tortured' by the Prospect of Obama's Re-Election Kills Family, Self

By Editorial Staff, AlterNet

A tragic consequence of mental illness and the right's routine demonization of Democratic presidents. READ MORE»

McCaskill Says Akin Makes Bachmann Look Like a Hippie After He Calls Her Unladylike

By Sarah Seltzer, AlterNet

After Akin's latest sexist remarks, she hits him back by saying he makes Michele Bachmann look like a hippie. READ MORE»

Is Venezuela Ready For Change? Presidential Election Pits Populist Chavez Against Business-Friendly Governor

By Andrew Rosati, AlterNet

Hugo Chavez faces the toughest reelection fight of his political career. READ MORE»

Maine Mayor Loses It, Tells Immigrants 'You Have To Accept Our Culture'

By Aviva Shen, ThinkProgress

A small-town mayor is attracting attention after demanding that the Somali immigrants who live in his town "leave your culture at the door." READ MORE»

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