Sep 29, 2012

OCTOBER SURPRISE (With Evanescence too)

Yes, it'll soon be October.  For me it's the 71st.  I've gotten a lot of joy out of blogging the last six years and I want to slow down just a little and take on board some trusted folks who I have a history with, both IRL and Virtual.  Beginning Monday, you may see posts that don't emanate from my keyboard, but from the keyboard of those new staff members who are sure to rejuvenate a page that became a little stale and was too reliant on newsletters from Daily Beast, Alternet and others to stay current.  The RSS feed from the Big Dogs has been deleted and the Little Dogs will be howling from now on.  Thank you for nearly 60,000 pageviews, and now let's see how quickly we can get to 100,000.
♥ Terry Allyn Travers (TQ)