Sep 28, 2012

Fwd: Was the Ryan Pick Romney's Death Knell? | Moyers Exposes Corporate & Right-Wing Alliance | Children Brainwashed by Junk Food

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TODAY'S TOP STORIES | September 28, 2012

Bill Moyers Exposes the Stranglehold the Corporate & Right-Wing Alliance Has on Our Democracy

By Bill Moyers,

A special report from the legendary veteran journalist on the American Legislative Exchange Council. READ MORE»

Did You Hear The One About the Nuns Who Weren't Alowed to Vote?

By Greg Palast, Seven Stories Press

This excerpt from Greg Palast's new book 'Billionaires & Ballot Bandits' reveals the depths that vote suppressors are willing to go. READ MORE»

Brainwashed by Junk Food? New Study Reveals Fast-Food Logos "Imprinted" in Children's Minds

By Alyssa Figueroa, AlterNet

Children's brains are branded very early in life and that could be bad news for some kids. READ MORE»

D'oh! What We Don't Know About the White Working-Class

By Simon Greer, AlterNet

One of the strongest biases in America is that college-educated whites are very different than working-class whites. READ MORE»

Meet One of America's Worst Election 2012 Hack Reporters

By Ian Murphy, AlterNet

The Washington Post has a big problem -- does it even know? READ MORE»

Why Mitt Romney Is Losing Ohio

By Sarah Jaffe, AlterNet

Those white working-class voters that supposedly won't support Obama? They have him up by 8 points in the polls. READ MORE»

Sudden Wealth Syndrome? Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mocks Complaints of Obscenely Wealthy

By Lauren Kelley, AlterNet

While the poor worry about food, "the wealthy have to worry about whether or not their waiter is recording them while they mock half the country." READ MORE»

Why Do Some Professors Still Think Women Science Students Are Stupid?

By Laura Gottesdiener, AlteNet

Study shows widespread bias against female science students that is not just discriminatory; it's also threatening our economy. READ MORE»

I Was Minutes Away From Ordering a Drone Strike on an 'Insurgent' ... Until I Realized It Was Just a Child at Play

By James Jeffrey, Comment Is Free

Distance from murder makes it all the easier for societies to tolerate. READ MORE»

Crazy, Cultish and Violent: When I Met an Iranian Terrorist Group

By Zahir Janmohamed, AlterNet

Working on Capitol Hill, it was difficult to avoid supporters of the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq, an organization that has killed Americans and Iranians. READ MORE»

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