Sep 29, 2012

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I wish I had a clue what this Google+ is and how it works, because I've lost faith in twitter as a responsive app or as a driver for blog traffic.
I'll ask Carla Riseman how to work it.  She'll know!

Hi terry!
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It's with great pleasure that I introduce two (almost) neighbors. +Melissa Carlson please meet +Mark Babbitt. I've known Mark for over a year now and his company +YouTern assist people with their careers. He's a smart business man and provides straightforward advice. Mark, Melissa is with a Reno TV station and is full of energy and doing amazing work with Google Hangouts in their broadcasts. I'm sure you two will want to get in touch with each other. 
I made this introduction public because the world...
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Abandoned Drive-In Movie Theater in Dubbo, Australia

This morning I was in Dubbo, Australia, and a violent storm had just passed over this abandoned drive-in movie theater... I had to break in here... photos of that subterfuge coming soon! :) 
...and 862 more photos.
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Great food and awesome atmosphere off the train stop.
4661 North Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States
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The MathWorks, Inc.
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Why Art Is So Important in Hospitals

This is a photo of the CT scanner at Texas Children's Hospital. The kids using it look like they're going under an aquarium every time they're scanned. I guess that gives an extra special incentive each time the scanner says "hold your breath" for the duration of the CT scan. With the sea decorations, it's a lot easier to pretend they're snorkeling. 

I know from my own experience in children's hospitals and regular ones the walls can often be quite drab; but this...
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