Aug 13, 2012

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Wind Power Partnership celebrated at Holy Name

The wind turbine that towers over Holy Name High School has been doing its thing since October 2008 and has been doing it quite well, according to headmaster Ed Reynolds. The turbine provides 95 percent of the energy the school uses, and when the final payments are made on the nearly $2 million project, Reynolds says Holy Name will realize up to $200,000 annually in energy-cost savings.

Main Street company on the move in world of mobile apps

Want a new app? There's a place for that. There is a good chance you have used a mobile application designed by AndPlus Inc. – or will very soon. The 10-year old business is making a splash in the high-tech world of mobile apps, realizing that more and more people are relying on their iPhones and Androids to do much more than call a friend. In fact, handheld devices are changing the way people live their lives and businesses do business. The future, according to AndPlus president and CEO Sean Mahoney, is now.

Becker College elevates video games to another level

If you are looking for evidence that video games won't turn your brain to mush, pay a visit to Becker College in Worcester. For students like Andrew Niemi, gaming — as it is called — is a career path and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Local tunes

Music stores, production companies and recording studios are the adjuncts to the music scene—third-party offshoots that evolve to seize upon the marketable talent of, and/or provide the tools for, the artists who work in the given area. At one time, American bands sought out the major label hubs, originally New York and Chicago, and then Los Angeles, where they could record in fully outfitted studios complete with acoustically tuned rooms, large plate reverbs, isolated control rooms, German-made large diaphragm microphones, and horn-rimmed engineers operating bulky, state-of- the-art mixing consoles.