Aug 6, 2012

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Local tunes

Music stores, production companies and recording studios are the adjuncts to the music scene—third-party offshoots that evolve to seize upon the marketable talent of, and/or provide the tools for, the artists who work in the given area. At one time, American bands sought out the major label hubs, originally New York and Chicago, and then Los Angeles, where they could record in fully outfitted studios complete with acoustically tuned rooms, large plate reverbs, isolated control rooms, German-made large diaphragm microphones, and horn-rimmed engineers operating bulky, state-of- the-art mixing consoles.

Rebuilding a community

When the Stone Soup community center suffered an electrical fire in 2009, the building at 4 King Street emptied out. Those who had utilized the building for meeting space, their nonprofit headquarters or its library helped cleaned up the grounds, removed its usable resources and left the building awaiting repair.

How does your garden grow?

Carmen Dejesus had never tended to a garden before, but learning to do so seemed like the best option to provide her family with fresh produce. "This garden means a lot to me," says Dejesus, one of the residents who maintain a garden bed behind a Laurel Street complex within Plumley Village. "I come out and share it with everyone, and we all get together and help each other, and it gives us a sense of community." To most residents, the sense of community within a 1,400 family residency is invaluable.

City Assessor: Palladium owners should know its value

The way Worcester assessor Bill Ford sees it, if you own property, you should know what it is worth. He believes that philosophy should apply to the owners of the beleaguered Palladium – home to a thriving heavy metal music scene, but in danger of being silenced permanently.