Aug 7, 2012

Recommended Watchlist: Beyond Gold Medals

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August 6, 2012

Beyond Gold Medals

Beyond Gold Medals

The world is once again obsessed with all things athletic as a certain modest little tourney unfolds in merry old(e) England. To honor all those elite athletes, officials, sponsors and performance-enhancing "supplements," we're launching our ultra-extreme Beyond Gold Medals Watchlist like a javelin flung from the powerful arm of a woman with a suspiciously large Adam's apple.

From the heights of Cliffhanger to the depths of Dogtown, this Watchlist is juiced with guts and glory.

Ask the Psychic Medium

If you haven't yet checked out our new original series The Unknown, watch it now for free. And be sure to join us this Wednesday as we celebrate the show and host a Q&A/virtual reading session on our Facebook page with world-renowned psychic medium Char Margolis. (Yes, really.) 

Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach Watch Now

Seann William Scott volleys the raunchy funny in an underdog spoof that does for tennis what Kingpin did for bowling.
Rated R

Lords of Dogtown Watch Now

See how extreme sports got its start with this critically-acclaimed, true-life story of three teenage surfers and best friends in Venice, California, who radicalized the sport of skateboarding in the 1970s.
Rated PG-13

Cliffhanger Watch Now

The most spectacular and dangerous helicopter stunts ever filmed and Stallone at his action best make this a must watch.
Rated R

The Fan Watch Now

Robert De Niro brilliantly ratchets up his trademark livewire psycho tension as he stalks Wesley Snipes' baseball star.
Rated R

A Fighting Chance Watch Now

An astonishing true story about a remarkable person who also happens to be a gifted wrestler born without arms and legs.
Not Rated

Walking  to the Cage Watch Now

Provides ample and compelling proof that mixed martial arts is actually even harder than you think it is.
Not Rated

In God's Hands Watch Now

Spectacular cinematography and unbeatable locations make this a surf adventure drama worth waxing the board for.
Rated PG-13

Kicking It Watch Now

A riveting exploration of how a sport can uplift, unify and re-establish human dignity.
Not Rated


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