Aug 14, 2012


The Onion
Tue Aug 14, 2012

Coworker With Two Computer Screens Not Fucking Around 08.13.12

FORT WORTH, TX—Credible sources within your office reported Monday that the guy on the third floor with two computer screens on his desk is not fucking around.

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Jennifer Aniston Engaged To Guy Who Frankly Will Never Replace Brad

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Beyoncé Sings At U.N.

"Wow. I can't believe she got to meet Ban Ki-moon!"

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Admit It, I Scare The Ever-Loving Shit Out Of You, Don't I?

by Paul Ryan, Candidate for Vice President of the United States

By Paul Ryan

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God Worried Apocalypse May Not Live Up To Expectations

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Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19

Four will be killed, 12 injured, and nearly 50 molested this week after your unconscious escapes.

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