Aug 30, 2012

Panda Ears Are Delicious

The Onion
Thu Aug 30, 2012

World Wildlife Fund Quickly Backtracks After Announcing Panda Ears Are Delicious 08.30.12

GLAND, SWITZERLAND—During a press conference outside their Swiss headquarters Thursday, World Wildlife Fund officials backpedaled from a controversial press statement released by the organization last week, claiming that while panda ears are in fact...

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Brave Woman Enters Restaurant Without First Looking It Up Online

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Rodent-Borne Virus Kills 2 At Yosemite

"There you go, Teddy fucking Roosevelt and the national park system you just had to have. I hope you're happy."

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Here Are All Of My Opinions 

by John Caldwell

By John Caldwell

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Unicycling Bear's Agent Has Long List Of Demands

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Dear The Onion,
I found journalist Mark Summerfeld's review of last Saturday's fireworks show to be spot on. He was 100 percent right. They were very beautiful.

— Carol Prushek Athens, GA

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