Aug 10, 2012

Let the South Secede? | The Ugly Truth About NPR's Adam Davidson | End the War on Pubic Hair!

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TODAY'S TOP STORIES August 10, 2012

Has NPR's Adam Davidson Betrayed His Listeners? Serious Conflict of Interest Issues Exposed

Davidson is a shrewd propagandist with a long, consistent history of shilling for powerful interests—and failing to disclose his financial ties to the companies he reports on. READ MORE»

Yasha Levine, Mark Ames / eXiled Online

Is It Finally Time to Let the South Secede?

The author of a new book challenges Northerners and Southerners to consider the possibility of a friendly divorce. READ MORE»

Joshua Holland / AlterNet

The Real Ann Romney

The truth about the woman who may be moving to the White House. READ MORE»

Irin Carmon / Salon


We May Be in for a Movie-like Apocalyptic Event: Hunger Games for Real

If history is any guide, rising food prices of this sort will also lead to widespread social unrest and violent conflict. READ MORE»

By Michael T. Klare / Tom Dispatch

Doctor: Pubic Hair Exists for a Reason -- Our Obsession With Hairless Genitals Must End!

A doctor explains why Americans' penchant for a hairless pubic area is dangerous to our health. READ MORE»

By Emily Gibson, MD / KevinMD

Why the Right Has New Legal Ammunition in Its Quest to End Medicare, Social Security and Our Entire Social Safety Net

When he declared the healthcare mandate constitutional, the chief justice set up an argument for taking down the social safety net. Now right-wingers are coming for it all. READ MORE»

By Jessica Mason Pieklo / AlterNet

No, I Don't Want to Go to Your Church!

No adult needs to be shown any "light". Attempts to dissuade me from my faith and beliefs are rude and hurtful. READ MORE»

By Valerie J Charles / Madame Noire

7 Things the Media Missed About the Chick-fil-A Saga

You might think you've heard everything there is to know about the Chick-fil-A controversy. You haven't. READ MORE»

By Kristin Rawls / AlterNet

Academic Who Knew Sikh Shooter Wade Michael Page Says Neo-Nazi Soldiers, Musicians Shaped His Hatred

Years ago, Professor Pete Simi met and interviewed a white power musician. On Sunday, it was that same man — Wade Michael Page — who attacked a Sikh temple in Wisconsin killing six worshippers. READ MORE»

By Amy Goodman / Democracy Now!

What Is Romney Hiding in His Tax Records?

Harry Reid has provoked outrage by talking about Mitt Romney's taxes, but it's Romney who deserves the criticisms. READ MORE»

By Joe Conason / AlterNet


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