Aug 17, 2012

HISTORY OF THE "C WORD" and more AlterNet Gender News


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The Media's Problem With Gay Rappers

By focusing on their sexual orientation, is the media doing more harm than good to talented rappers who are out and gay? READ MORE»

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / AlterNet

A Fascinating History of the "C Word"

How a word meant to signify female pleasure was turned against women and into something evil, fearful, unspoken. READ MORE»

Lindsay Zoladz / Bitch Magazine

I Hooked Up With a Gay Evangelical Christian -- Here's Why I Outed Him

I've been called a bully for exposing gay evangelical Jonathan Merritt. Was I right? READ MORE»

Azariah Southworth / Salon


Returned Badges, Presidential Opposition: Backlash to the Boy Scouts' Anti-Gay Policies

The Boy Scouts continues its policy of banning openly gay scouts, leaders and even the children of gay parents. READ MORE»

By Ted Cox / AlterNet

The Bible Says More About Unicorns Than Fetuses -- Maybe Anti-Choice Christians Should Take a Closer Read

It's so hard to make a case against abortion using Christian scripture that for decades most Evangelicals did not even try. READ MORE»

By Lynn Beisner / Role Reboot

Why Are No Women Celebrity Stoners Willing to Come Out of the Greenhouse?

Famous women stay mute when it comes to their relationship to weed, but their voices could be of the utmost importance. READ MORE»

By Greta Gaines / AlterNet

Nuns' Group Targeted by Vatican Refuses to Back Down, But Won't Break Away

Members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious say they'll keep talking to prelates but will "reconsider" if "forced to compromise the integrity of [their] mission." READ MORE»

By Adele M. Stan / AlterNet

Ryan Sponsored Abortion Bill That Would Make Romney's Kids Criminals

The VP candidate pushed an anti-abortion bill that would outlaw IVF—which Mitt Romney's children used. READ MORE»

By Stephanie Mencimer / Mother Jones


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