Aug 26, 2012

Fwd: Cheat Sheet - Neil Armstrong: A Modest Man on the Moon

Today: Hurricane Isaac Delays the Republican National Convention , In Syria: 'Kill, Kill, Kill' , Romney Turns Focus to Convention
Cheat Sheet: Morning

August 26, 2012

Give him the moon landing, sure, but astronaut Neil Armstrong's bigger accomplishment was showing Americans how to accept honest humility, writes Daniel Stone. Plus, see photos of Armstrong's space odyssey.


As the tropical storm churns toward Tampa, party officials had little choice but to cancel the Monday kickoff of the Republican National Convention. Howard Kurtz on why the media wouldn't cover it anyway.


A Syrian activist said the regime's marching orders are to 'kill, kill, kill' a day after more than 400 people were reported dead in the nation's escalating violence. That number includes more than 200 people found dead in Daraya, a suburb near the capital of Damascus. "Daraya is being targeted because it is closest to the capital, and it is one of the first cities that revolted against the Assad regime," said a spokeswoman for the Local Coordination Committees, an activist group. "Deep down, they know they are failing," the spokeswoman said of efforts to quash the rebels, "but they want to destroy as much as possible before it is over."


Due to receive the Republican Party's nomination in Tampa this week, Mitt Romney turned voters' attention to President Obama's own convention appearance, scheduled for the first week of September. "I can almost read his speech now," the Republican candidate said. "It will be filled with promises and tell people how wonderful things are." After repeated distractions over the course of the last week, including a comment that alluded to false theories regarding the president's birthplace, Romney said he was ready to get back to the issues. "It's not his words the people have to listen to, it is his actions and his record," he said of Obama.


Now Bully knows what it feels like to get pushed around. The documentary chronicling grade-school lunch-money grabbers has lost the top-earner spot to 2016: Obama's America, a conservative take on the president's record led by commentator Dinesh D'Souza and John Sullivan. The film grossed $2.2 million Friday after expanding to theaters nationwide just as Republicans and reporters began to pour into Tampa for the GOP's national convention. The film is expected to make about $6 million overall for the weekend.

Venezuelan Refinery Explodes
Chavez orders probe.
Ecuador: Britain Won't Raid Embassy
Where Julian Assange took refuge.
Chinese Bus Crash Kills Dozens
After crashing into methanol tanker.
Cranks See UFOs, Little Green Men
In Mars footage.
MTV Report: Snooki Has a Boy
First child for the 'Jersey Shore' star.
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