Aug 29, 2012

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Terry --

Did those speeches tonight make you want to throw your remote at the TV?

These Republicans think they can distract voters from their extreme agenda by lying about President Obama's record. Well, guess what? They could be right.

If Romney, Ryan and the Republicans can erase their radical record and attack President Obama with enough secret Super PAC-funded smears, then they will win in 2012.

They made their case. Now, it's time for us to make ours.

Contribute $3 right now to support President Obama's agenda and make sure no one forgets what radical Republicans have in store for America >>

There's no more time to sit around and wait. Undecided voters are tuning in, and we're getting outspent on TV in virtually every battleground state.

Let's win this thing:



Robby Mook
DCCC Executive Director


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