Aug 27, 2012

Cheat Sheet - Why Isaac Could Blow Away Romney’s Convention Moment

Today: Buzz Bissinger Still Believes in Lance Armstrong , Factionalism Plagues RNC , Helicopter Downed in Damascus
Cheat Sheet: Morning

August 27, 2012

The storm could spare Florida, but the GOP convention may never recover. From Tampa, Howard Kurtz on why the media are chasing the more dramatic story—a possible Category 2 hurricane barreling toward New Orleans.


To hell with doping charges. Lance Armstrong bravely fought cancer and performed miracles on the cycling circuit, writes Buzz Bissinger in Newsweek.


Will the Grand Old Party unite in Florida? That's the question top Republican officials are asking themselves as the party goes in to its national convention in Tampa, where it will have to overcome factionalism if it plans to vote out President Obama in November. "The Republican Party needs to reestablish its philosophy of the big tent with principles," said former Republican vice president Dan Quayle. "The philosophy you hear from time to time, which is unfortunate, is one of exclusion rather than inclusion." Thousands of Ron Paul supporters, who propose radical changes to government, protested what they saw as more of the same in Tampa on Sunday.


Syrian rebels say they shot down a helicopter that was firing on people in Damascus on Monday. A helicopter crash in the neighborhood of Qabun in the capital city was confirmed by state media reports. In video footage posted by activists of the downed helicopter, rebels are heard shouting, "God is greatest." As violence continues in the country, there has been a sharp uptick in the number of civilians fleeing across Syria's shared border with Turkey, with the neighboring country temporarily closing two border crossings Sunday as it struggled to process the influx of refugees.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel signaled renewed resolve to keep Europe's single currency intact, saying that "everybody should weigh their words very carefully" when discussing the possibility of a Greek exit. The euro zone is in a "decisive phase," Merkel told reporters, and she said that Germany stood by Greece's "serious efforts" to rein in the country's debt. Merkel's remarks came after Alexander Dobrindt, general secretary of Germany's Bavarian Christian Social Union, the ruling party, said that Greece would be out of the euro by 2013.

U.S. Sells Most Weapons Globally
Tripled in 2011.
Major Earthquake Off El Salvador
Late Sunday.
Taliban Behead 17 Partygoers
At Afghan music event.
African Miners Return to Work
At platinum mines; strikes left 44 dead.
Lynyrd Skynyrd Cancels on GOP
Along with other acts, citing weather.
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