Aug 20, 2012

Cheat Sheet - President Obama’s Gotta Go

Today: Tony Scott's Enduring Legacy, From 'Top Gun' to 'True Romance' , Gu Kailai Gets Suspended Death Sentence , GOP Worried by Akin Remarks
Cheat Sheet: Morning

August 20, 2012

Why does Paul Ryan scare the president? Because Obama has broken his promises, and it's clear the GOP ticket's path to prosperity is our only hope, writes Niall Ferguson in Newsweek.


Tony Scott, the veteran Hollywood director behind the celebrated hits Top Gun, True Romance, and Crimson Tide, died Sunday after jumping "without hesitation" off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, Calif. Marlow Stern reflects on the British filmmaker, who helped define the modern Hollywood blockbuster with his trademark hyperkinetic camera, dazzling set pieces, booming orchestral scores, and A-list star power. Plus, Christine Pelisek reports on the police investigation.


Gu Kailai, the wife of shamed Chinese politician Bo Xilai, has received a suspended death sentence for killing a British businessman. A former family aide was also sentenced as an accomplice to nine years in prison. Gu is expected to have her sentence commuted to life imprisonment after a few years served. Bo was dismissed from his post as party secretary of Chongqing after the scandal broke.


Republicans are taking prophylactic measures after Rep. Todd Akin said Sunday that pregnancies are rarely caused by "legitimate rape." "For God's sake," a Republican operative in Missouri said after hearing Akin's comments. "Defcon 5. Panic for the rest of the ticket. Major intervention needed." Akin is going head-to-head with incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill. "He likely doesn't understand the severity of his comment, and his response was weak," one anonymous Republican operative told Politico. "No Republican official or operative has any close bond with him, so no one will defend him."


One of the companies that drove hopes of a new boom now has investors fretting over another bust. Major investors in Groupon, including Silicon Valley guru Marc Andreessen, have decided in recent months to completely or partially unload their stakes in the daily-deals site, as the once lauded Internet company has failed to meet expectations. Yet analysts said that the companies would never have generated so much buzz in the investment world had these backers never jumped on board in the first place. "Groupon would never have gotten this big without that late-stage money," said venture capitalist Bill Gurley. "The guys that backed Groupon early—even at today's prices—they made lots of money."

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Rep. Todd Akin: 'Legitimate Rape' Doesn't Get You Pregnant

Missouri Republican Todd Akin, a candidate for Senate, argued in an interview Sunday that a pregnancy resulting from 'legitimate rape' is nearly impossible. After the comments went viral, Akin said on Twitter that he 'misspoke' and released a statement clarifying his views.

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