Aug 24, 2012

Cheat Sheet - Lance Armstrong’s Road to Infamy

Today: Romney Cracks Birther Joke , Will 'No Easy Day' Book on Bin Laden Raid Break SEALs Code of Silence? , Several Shot Near Empire State Building
Cheat Sheet: Afternoon

August 24, 2012
How the mighty has fallen! Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles after declining to fight charges that he violated anti-doping rules. From personal-life woes to the first doping allegations, see photos of Armstrong's rocky ride to infamy. Plus, Tracy McNicoll on the implications for the famed race.

Is this thing on? Mitt Romney attempted to crack a joke about the continuing doubts raised over President Obama's birth certificate while at a campaign stop in his home state of Michigan Friday. It didn't exactly go over well—and certainly not with the Obama camp. "I love being home, in this place where Ann and I was raised, where the both of us were born," Romney said. "No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place where we were born and raised." An Obama spokesperson tweeted that Romney was "keeping it substantive & classy" with his Donald Trump–inspired line.


The Special Ops community is stunned by the news of an unauthorized account of the al Qaeda takedown by one of their own. Now the Navy brass say they might come after the author. The Daily Beast's Eli Lake reports.


At least two people were killed, four seriously wounded, and five people had minor injuries in a shooting near the Empire State Building. Among the dead were the gunman, who police say was a disgruntled employee, and his manager. Police identified the shooter as Jeffrey Johnson, 58, of Manhattan. The shooting occurred outside the Empire State Building, not inside as initial reports said. Police said Johnson shot his former manager at Hazan Imports, a clothing store on West 33rd St., and a nearby construction worker heard the shots and ran to the Empire State Building and alerted the police there. When police arrived, they said Johnson allegedly turned his gun, a .45 magnum, on police before they shot and killed him. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it appears that all those wounded are expected to survive.



American missiles targeting suspected militants in Pakistan killed 18 people Friday, an ill-timed attack that comes one day after Pakistani authorities met with a U.S. diplomat to protest drone strikes in the country. Today's strikes were the seventh this week, according to the Associated Press, all of which hit the tribal area of North Waziristan. The CIA's drone campaign has been a major source of tension between the two countries, with Pakistan claiming the strikes kill civilians and violate their sovereignty. The U.S. has countered that the attacks are crucial to fighting al Qaeda and Taliban militants along the Pakistan-Afghan border.

19 People Shot in Chicago
In overnight shootings throughout the city.
Ryan Crocker Charged in Hit-Run DUI
Former U.S. ambassador pleaded not guilty.
Casey Anthony Completes Probation
Attorney concerned about her safety.
Prince Philip Won't Attend Paralympics
Still recovering from recurrent bladder infection.
Report: Holmes Got No Spousal Support
Cruise said to pay $4.8M for child care.
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