Aug 28, 2012

Bad News Items for Romney | Zealots Who Wrote the GOP Platform | Eggers' Novel Rips into Corporate Capitalism


TODAY'S TOP STORIES August 27, 2012

6 Right-Wing Zealots and the Crazy Ideas Behind the Most Outrageous Republican Platform Ever

They're breaking out the crazy down in Tampa. READ MORE»

Peter Montgomery / AlterNet

The 99% Take on the Republican National Convention

Despite mixed feelings about Obama, protesters fight Mitt Romney, the 'King of the 1%' READ MORE»

Arun Gupta / AlterNet

Get a Job If You're Lucky, But You Might Be Looking for Another One Soon

Sharing the hopes and disappointments of trying to find work through a 'Job Club.' READ MORE»

Dashka Slater / Economic Hardship Reporting Project


Sorry Guys, Just Because One Study Claims That Semen Cures Women's Depression Doesn't Mean It's True

The headlines were provocative: Semen cures depression! But the study is 10 years old, and far from conclusive. READ MORE»

By Tracy Clark-Flory / Salon

Ten Pieces of Bad News for Romney Heading into the GOP Convention

Isaac isn't the only storm the Romney-Ryan campaign is sailing through. READ MORE»

By Juan Cole / Informed Comment

How Times Have Changed: When a Marijuana Farmer Cried Out, 'Thank God, the Police!'

An excerpt from "Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution" takes us to the USA's center of weed agriculture. READ MORE»

By Doug Fine / Gotham Books

Dave Eggers' Gem of a New Novel Goes Right After the Decadence and Heartlessness of Corporate Capitalism

"A Hologram for the King" explores the horrendous toll that ruthless capitalism takes on self-esteem, on family, on health, on community and finally on the nation itself. READ MORE»

By Chris Hedges / Truthdig

Why the Democratic Party Platform Should Call for End to Mountaintop Removal Mining

The Democrats can not speak of being advocates for clean energy, civil rights and the environment if they turn their backs on besieged residents in Appalachia. READ MORE»

By Jeff Biggers / AlterNet

How to Kill Student Curiosity in 12 Easy Steps

Want to stamp out curiosity in even the most eager of learners? Here's how. READ MORE»

By Terry Heick / TeachThought

A Hard Life in the Fields Starting at Age 7

A first-hand account of life as one of the voiceless people who put food on your table. READ MORE»

By David Bacon / New American Media


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