Aug 26, 2012


TODAY'S TOP STORIES August 26, 2012

5 Weird -- and Terrifying -- Consequences of Climate Change You May Not Know About

When you hear climate change you think of crazy weather, but there are other frightening effects. READ MORE»

Alyssa Figueroa / AlterNet

Does Romney Think the Pentagon Needs More Marching Bands, NASCAR Sponsorships?

Those within the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex have been working hard to convince the American public that their perceived right to profit off of Pentagon spending is sacrosanct. READ MORE»

Robert Greenwald, John Amick / AlterNet

"The Chief of Police Stepped On Me and Then He Charged Me With Rioting": Activists Face Jail Time for Defending Homes

Fifteen Occupy Homes Minnesota organizers face up to two years in jail for peacefully linking arms outside a house when the police came to enforce a foreclosure. READ MORE»

Sarah Jaffe / AlterNet


Corporate America Running Ads That Tap into Our Anxiety About the Hell They've Created for Us

It's shocking to see corporate America transform the message of organized labor into a sales pitch for … corporate America. READ MORE»

By David Sirota / Salon

5 Things "The Office" Taught Us

This season will be the last for NBC's beloved workplace sitcom. It won't have been for naught. READ MORE»

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / AlterNet

Teaching People to Hate Their Own Govt. Is at the Core of the Project to Destroy the Middle Class

How would you teach the middle class to hate their own government using a strategy that takes into consideration the political climate of the United States of thirty years ago? READ MORE»

By Dennis Marker / AlterNet

The Billionaires Bill of Rights

California's Proposition 32, on the ballot this November, would severely limit unions' election spending while leaving corporations free to spend as much as they like. READ MORE»

By Dick Meister /

The Case for Performance-Enhancing Drugs

The Olympics saw only one doping (and one pot!) bust. Opposition to chemical boosting remains high, but the inevitable trend will end in an embrace—oddly, led by "smart drugs." READ MORE»

By Maia Szalavitz / The Fix

Paul Ryan's Former Pastor on Ryan Plan: 'He Shouldn't Wrap Himself in Catholic Teaching'

For Father Stephen Umhoefer, the test of the budget is a simple one: "The first question is: How does this affect the poor? And everything else follows from that." READ MORE»

By Jonathan Rosenblum / PR Watch

California Domestic Workers Dance and Sing Their Way to Better Treatment on the Job

As part of a push for a statewide Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, the workers are using all kinds of creative tactics to call attention to their often-ignored working conditions. READ MORE»

By Michelle Chen / In These Times

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