Jul 5, 2012

Worcester Mag Things To Do This Weekend

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Start Your Engines!

It is that time of year again: time for the striking aroma of burnt rubber mixed with fried dough. It's time for the weekend where clamorous rock 'n' roll is heard but sometimes lost in the echo of hundreds of revving engines, which can be heard from Main Street to Green Hill Park.

Man-eating plant feasts on Shrewsbury

The spunky group at Centre Stage Productions is presenting its second summer musical this weekend for two public performances only in Shrewsbury. "Little Shop of Horrors" will follow last years "Urinetown: The Musical" as something unique and special. Both are edgy, nontraditional Broadway musicals that clicked with New York audiences and critics; however here they are performed in an even more nontraditional way.

Cinder Conk

Band seeking audience looking for something energetic, new (or at least new-to-them), wholehearted, accessible, and authentic. We hope to offer an experience that is not only inviting to the ear, but transportational - the kind of show that you wake up the next morning still pondering.

Arachnoid heroes never die

Comic book movies have long existed in a delicate balance between believability and spectacle. It's the thing that sets the films apart from the books. In the past, the sole mission of the comic book was to keep a small minority of dramatically undiscerning thrill-seeking consumers entertained enough to purchase the next issue; it was never necessary for an actionoriented story told mostly through powerful visuals on a page to convince anyone of its plausibility.