Jul 2, 2012

Corrupt Churches Abusing Religious (#JESUS WEEPS)


Job Insecurity: It's the Disease of the 21st Century – And It's Killing Us

A massive, Xanax-fueled public health crisis driven by chronic employment worry is headed our way. READ MORE

Lynn Parramore / AlterNet

Skrillex performing live earlier this year.

Are Mega-Corporations and Wall Street Killing Electronic Dance Music?

Huge corporations are acquiring rave promotion companies across America, and no one's psyched but Wall Street. READ MORE

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / AlterNet

It is No Mystery: The Real Reason Conservatives Keep Winning

Progressives won't win until we get a lot better at building binding communities of trust and shared identity. READ MORE

Joe Brewer / Cognitive Policy Works

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How Corrupt Catholics and Evangelicals Abuse Religious Freedom

The founding fathers saw the state as guarantor of freedom from persecution. Now, the Church is trying to cast it as persecutor. READ MORE

By Katherine Stewart / The Guardian


Why Smoking Pot Makes Me a Better Mom

Anybody who thinks that weed makes parents ignore their children has clearly never been high around one. READ MORE

By Anonymous / Jezebel


How the Supreme Court's 'Knox v. SEIU' Decision Could Dismantle Union Security Around the Country

In Knox v. Service Employees International Union, the Supreme Court suggests that the First Amendment is for corporations, not working people and unions. READ MORE

By Mariya Strauss / AlterNet


It's No Longer Enough to Regulate Corporate Greed: The Global Water Crisis Demands a Paradigm Shift

When it comes to water, the corporate green economy is about using the environmental crisis to further entrench corporate rights and access to scarce water resources. READ MORE

By Maude Barlow, Meera Karunananthan / AlterNet


How the New York Times Hides the Truth About Wall Street's Catastrophic Misdeeds

The paper of record is in serious need of a fact checker when it comes to whether the Glass-Steagall Act could have prevented the financial crisis. READ MORE

By Pam Martens / AlterNet


How a Grad Student Scooped the Government and Uncovered One of the Biggest Internet Privacy Scandals

Jonathan Mayer hit the jackpot, unearthing a huge privacy scandal and the culprit was Google. READ MORE

By Peter Maass / ProPublica


Bloomberg's Latest Bargaining Chips? Low-Income Children

Mayor Bloomberg came within days of leaving 47,000 of NYC's poorest children without access to child care and after-school programs. READ MORE

By Molly Knefel / AlterNet

AlterNet Radio: Israeli Democracy Threatened By Country's Hard Right Turn; Supreme Court Analysis
By Staff | AlterNet


Mainstream Media Keep Interviewing the Same "Small Business Owner" -- Who's Being Put on the News by ALEC-Linked Group
By Steve M. | No More Mister Nice Blog


Bill Moyers on "Confronting the Contradictions of America's Past"
By Staff | AlterNet


Texas GOP Makes Opposition to "Critical Thinking Skills" Official Policy Until 2014, Now Claiming it Was an Accident
By Laura Clawson | Daily Kos

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