Jul 28, 2012

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Your Personal YouTube Digest - Jul 27, 2012

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Jul 24, 2012


Jul 23, 2012

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"Madonna Special Club Show at Paris' Olympia to be streamed live via The Lovelive Youtube Channel this Thursday, July 26th at 10:15pm Paris time CEST; 4:15pm EDT: http://www.youtube.com/madonnaclubshowparis" -- July 26, 2012

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Jul 23, 2012

Worcester Mag Top Stories

Monday, July 23, 2012

Worcester water at risk

Lori Silverman stood ankle deep in cool water inside the roped-off area at Regatta Point along Lake Quinsigamond. Just a few feet away, a relative floated face down, looking up with a smile on his face as Silverman said something to him. Two other women and a young girl, also relatives, waded out of the lake toward their towels and seats. It was midmorning on a Friday, two days after the Fourth of July.

Council moves forward on anti-panhandling plan

In response to comments from city councilors earlier this summer, the City of Worcester has drafted up a plan to combat the increasing number of panhandlers standing on sidewalks and intersection medians.

Heat turns up in "Right to Repair" battle

On the Massachusetts ballot in November, it will appear as a simple "Yes" or "No" question. The socalled "Right to Repair" issue, however, is anything but simple. It is steeped in controversy, hasn't been passed in any U.S. state and has stalled in various forms of legislation at the Statehouse.

A day on the water with Worcester Kayak Rentals

Two months ago, Kenny Tran was driving by Coes Pond. The weather was beautiful and the pond looked peaceful, so he wanted to try his hand at kayaking. The only problem? He didn't own a kayak and the only other rental store in the area didn't deliver. So, he decided to open his own kayak rental store, with delivery.