Jun 27, 2012

Why Are Human Rights Groups Not Supportive of Labor? | How the U.S. Profits From Deadly Mexican Drug War | Monsanto Sabotaging Reform



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As Labor Struggles, Have the Big Rights and Liberties Groups Like the ACLU Deserted Unions?

While labor is under powerful battering from conservatives, a strong case can be made that they aren't being supported by some of our most prominent human rights groups. READ MORE

Mark Ames / The Daily Banter

How Can We Stop the Mexican Drug Insanity When Banks and Much of the Establishment Profit Big Time from Illegal Drugs?

Corruption in the drug war extends far beyond the hands of drug cartels - our own banks, businesses, and government profit from illegalization of drugs. READ MORE

Mark Karlin / TruthOut.org

Do People Get Less Religious When Societies Grow More Egalitarian?

When countries embrace progressive social policy, that tends to create a decline in religious belief. Why? READ MORE

Amanda Marcotte / AlterNet

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How Monsanto Is Sabotaging Efforts to Label Genetically Modified Food

Lobbyists from the biotech industry are ardently opposing GMO labeling. READ MORE

By Charlotte Silver / Inter Press Service


The Supreme Court Scenarios on Health Care; The Odds Are Bad for a Good Result

There are a number of ways the justices can go, but it doesn't look good. READ MORE

By Steven Rosenfeld / AlterNet


Is It Hard for You to Say No to Sweets and Temptation? You May Be Suffering From "Ego Depletion"

Saying no to every naughty impulse requires a little bit of willpower fuel, and once you spend that fuel it becomes harder to say no. READ MORE

By David McRaney / AlterNet


What's Needed for Change at This Political Moment? 5 Well-Known Progressives, 5 Strong Opinions

An amazing dialogue about class, race and movement-building by five progressive journalists and activist scholars. READ MORE

By Betsy Leondar-Wright / Classism Exposed


Finally, Some Subversive Action Princesses in New Films: "Snow White" and "Brave"

A new type of heroine is hitting our screens. It's progress, but does a girl always have to be a princess to get the starring role? READ MORE

By Jaclyn Friedman / Comment Is Free

Photo by bloomsberries, Flickr Creative Commons -

The 'Tea Party' Supreme Court: How Conservatives Turned the Highest Court in the Land to Ideological Extremism

Why conservatives on the Supreme Court have become ideologically extreme, rigid and scornful of compromise. READ MORE

By June Carbone / AlterNet


Ripped Off by Smugglers, Groped by Border Patrol: The Nightmares Women Migrants Face

In addition to the danger migrants encounter in the desert, they also have to worry about widespread Border Patrol abuse. READ MORE

By Erika L. Sánchez / AlterNet


Some Employers and Republicans Want to Lower the Minimum Wage -- Here's Why They're Completely Out of Touch

In Arizona, GOP legislators fight to allow employers to pay teens working part-time three dollars per hour less than the state minimum wage - a mere $4.65 per hour. READ MORE

By Elizabeth Parisian / Huffington Post

Elizabeth Warren: "No, Mitt, Corporations Are Not People"
By Steve M | No More Mister Nice Blog


Paraguayan President Ousted: Another Right-Wing Coup in Latin America
By Alyssa Figueroa | AlterNet


New Report: Drug War is Fueling the Global HIV Pandemic
By Kristen Gwynne | AlterNet


New Research Illustrates Income Inequality by Counting Number of Trees in Neighborhoods
By Hatty Lee | Colorlines


Colbert's "Pre-sponses" to Supreme Court Decisions
By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd | AlterNet

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