Jun 26, 2012

Top 15 Reasons Why People Unfollow You On Twitter

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Top 15 Reasons Why People Unfollow You On Twitter [Infographic]

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 12:00 PM PDT

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No matter how experienced we get when it comes to social media, there are still things that are a mystery. For me, most of those things revolve around why people choose to do what they do. If you think about that, it's yet another example of how our behavior in social media is simply a reflection of how we behave IRL. Whether someone friends us on Facebook, follows us on Twitter or Pinterest, or connects with us on Google+ or LinkedIn, there is always the chance that they will change their minds and sever the connection. The question is, what makes people decided to do that?

For the sake of this article, let's just talk about this as it refers to Twitter. Some people get really distraught over followers who unfollow. They modify their tweeting style in an attempt to make their followers happy, and they keep a close eye on their follower count to make sure it doesn't go down. And, when it does, they are very sad and perplexed. Some people follow the Twitter accounts and get those apps that will automatically tweet or email you when someone unfollows.

To me, it doesn't really matter. I save a whole lot of emotional energy by not worrying about it. I learned a long time ago that I can't make everyone happy, and the people who matter are the ones who stay. If someone doesn't like my tweeting, he or she is more than welcome to unfollow me. If you allow your followers to dictate your actions, then it detracts from your own creativity and makes the whole Twitter experience not as fun. Richard touched on that a few years ago in an article he wrote called 10 Ways Some Followers Are Ruining Your Twitter Style.

Regardless of all that, it is still interesting to know what exactly prompts people to take action and unfollow someone on Twitter. This is an infographic called Reasons For Unfollowing On Twitter which was created by DK New Media for Marketing Tech Blog with data from eConsultancy. In it, apparently the top 15 reasons (and more) for unfollowing on Twitter are listed. The funny thing is, none of these things really bother me. The only thing about Twitter that still gets on my nerves is the feature that gives people the ability to send auto-DMs because I think they are cheesy. I wish those didn't exist. Plus, they create a lot of work for me (I get TONS of them which I have to delete individually so I can find the important ones). Other than that, Twitter is alllll good! What do you think? What will make you unfollow someone on Twitter?


Via: [Pinterest / Ruhani Rabin] Header Image Credit: [Rounded Cube]

Shoe Pants Make It All So Much Easier

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 11:00 AM PDT

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You all know that I sometimes write a lot about time optimization and how to get more out of your day. In order for us here at Bit Rebels to produce the amount of content that we do and still be able to handle everything that goes on behind the scenes, we are constantly looking over our procedures and how we do stuff. Whatever we can do in order to save a minute here and there helps us to create even more content and features for your enjoyment. So as today's spirit is all about that, I thought I might find something that could give you a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to time optimization.

It comes in the geeky form of a pair of pants. Wait, what? Yup, these pants aren't your usual kind that you slip on in the morning and whisk off to put on your shoes. Nope, New York-based artist Sebastian Errazuriz has a whole different idea about time optimization. He's created the Shoe Pants. They are probably as awesome as they sound, and I think if these become the fashion of the year, we would all have more time to spend on networking, art creation and statistics. Alright maybe not, but we would have more time for other things.

These pants are quite easy to create too. All you need to do really is to attach your pants to your shoes, and there you go. As soon as you slip into the pants, your shoes are on as well. I don't know if it would be a fit for the European population since the tradition of wearing shoes inside is not present here. However, it is certainly a cool concept if you're living in the US and want a quick way of getting to school or work. People will stare, yes, but that might be worth it since you will have more time for other fun stuff.




Via: [Neatorama]

The iPhone & 1984 Mac If Leonardo da Vinci Created Them

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 10:00 AM PDT

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If you are on the Internet as much as I am during the day, you know that recently there have been tons of articles written with either supposedly leaked iPhone 5 images (which aren't legit of course) or iPhone 5 concept designs. We've even touched on this before here on Bit Rebels when Richard wrote about an artist who took all the "leaked images" and put them together into one concept design. You can check that out at Full iPhone 5 Rendered in 3D From All The "Leaked" Images.

Out of all the imagined iPhone 5 designs, there is only one that made me drool so much that I would actually consider standing in line for it. The pictures of it are gorgeous, and you can check them out here.

I thought I'd get in on all the iPhone 5 hype today, but approach it from a different perspective. What would the iPhone 5 look like if Leonardo da Vinci designed it? What would the very first Macintosh computer from 1984 look like if Leonardo da Vinci designed it? The answers to those questions can be found in the images below. Artist Kevin Tong actually designed these images several years ago, but Leonardo da Vinci and his creative mind never go out of style, and these are just as relevant now as they were then. You can learn more about Leonardo by checking out Leonardo da Vinci's To-Do List: Peek Into A Creative Mind.




Via: [Jay Mug] [Retronaut] [Gizmodo]

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