Jun 8, 2012

America's #Zombie Obsession | Christian Group Pushes Agenda in Public Schools | Traffic Cameras Conspiracy



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What Does Our Obsession With Zombie Stories Tell Us About Our Politics?

Between widespread feelings of political disenfranchisement and growing economic inequality, it's easy to feel as if we're facing a zombie apocalypse.READ MORE

Kristin Rawls / AlterNet

Child Evangelism Fellowship: The Christian Group Recruiting Kids in Public Schools

A fundamentalist Christian organization views children as a market for religious recruiting. READ MORE

Valerie Tarico / AlterNet

Better Than Sugar? The Truth About 6 Alternative Natural Sweeteners

The global market for non-sugar sweeteners is expected to reach nearly $10 billion by 2016. But what's in this stuff, and is it worth the switch? READ MORE

Anneli Rufus / AlterNet

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7 Government Surveillance Programs Designed to Watch What You Do Online

If you are a user of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Craigslist or another popular site, the U.S. security state is watching you. READ MORE

By David Rosen / AlterNet


How Police and Traffic Light Companies Are Conspiring to Give You More Tickets

A self-interested partnership has formed to lobby against accountability methods for these cameras: police unions and for-profit red-light camera companies. READ MORE

By Lee Fang / Republic Report


Florida's Tea Party Government Picks Voter Purge Fight With Justice Department

Like 2000, Florida is poised to use bad data to purge legal voters. READ MORE

By Steven Rosenfeld / AlterNet


How to End the Nightmare of Jobless America

Researchers look at some of America's "dead zones" and discuss how to move stalled economies. READ MORE

By Louis Ferleger , Jacob M. Magid / AlterNet


"Prometheus": Ridley Scott's Dazzling, Sci-fi Spectacle

"Prometheus," the long-awaited "Alien" prequel, is an enthralling popcorn spectacle. READ MORE

By Andrew O'Hehir / Salon


Eurozone Crisis: How Greece's Actions Will Impact Europe for Years

Although Greece represents only 2% of the European Union's GDP, the impact of those choices will be wide. READ MORE

By Costas Lapavitsas / Le Monde diplomatique


"I Had Two Career Options: Revolutionary or Comedian" Nato Green On Bringing the Class War to Stand-Up

Nato Green, a union organizer-turned-comedian, talks to AlterNet about bringing race, class and gender analyses to comedy and his work with Laughter Against the Machine. READ MORE

By Michelle Chen / AlterNet


Maria Gunnoe Testifies Before Congress: Mountaintop Removal Is Killing People

"Why is it acceptable to depopulate our communities and culture, poison our water and air and leave us to die in a post mining waste land for temporary jobs and energy?" READ MORE

By Jeff Biggers / AlterNet

Self-Policing the Neighborhood: Another African-American Boy Shot by White Man
By Alyssa Figueroa | AlterNet


Revealed: Emails Between Maryland Governor and Big Ag Show Questionable Relationship
By Wenonah Hauter | Food and Water Watch


Mitt Romney Patrols the Beach Near His House for Pot Smokers
By BooMan | Booman Tribune


Maddow on Why Citizens United Must Go: "If You Are Outspent 8-to-1, Then You Are Going to Lose"
By Lauren Kelley | AlterNet

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