Jun 21, 2012

3 new Firefox features have arrived


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New Ways to
Boost Your Browsing

We're always working to make the Web easier, faster and more enjoyable for you to access and use. That's why we created thumbnail previews and a redesigned home page. You'll find them both in the latest version of Firefox for desktop.


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Thumbnail Previews

Now when you open a new tab, you'll see thumbnail previews of the sites you visit most. You can even pin, rearrange or delete them to fully customize your new tab experience. Or, if you prefer, you can click the grid in the top right to turn the feature off.

Learn more about making this page look and work exactly how you like.

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That's Not All (Oh No)

If you use the Firefox homepage (about:home), you'll find a new look with quick and easy access to your downloads, bookmarks, plugins, Sync and more. You can learn more about the redesigned page or change your homepage to something else.

You'll also enjoy faster startup times when loading tabs from your last browsing session.

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