May 25, 2012


A short, succinct primer on what we'll (spread yourself all over the internet like I have and you'll call yourself "we" too!) be doing with our (there I go again!) twitter accounts.

@tqnews is going to be used mainly for gathering information and proselytizing my output, since it will remain unlocked.  Watch for a name change, though.

@tqnews_20 is going to stay locked, but will expand to 40 follows.  Since it will be locked, you'll have to be creative about RTing. Also, this account's name will change. 8)

@WTQN follows only my other 3 accounts so that I can have a central timeline on Tweetdeck where I can check my overall output. In the world of "Red Jane Bird, Cold War Brat"  Joe Bird is Jane's unpredictable husband. 8O

@redjanebird is the quintessential "cold war brat."  She's the daughter of TQ and Tamara (who's last name I've forgotten), Soviet citizen who studied at IU in the early 60's.  Jane is also locked and communicates privately with a very limited number of accounts who are being groomed for possible collaboration with this blog.

There!  That should make everything completely clear!  8P