May 21, 2012

plus ça change...(but not always) 8)

I'm going to be using this blog from now on as a forum for news and views about networking.  BitRebels will be forwarded on a regular basis as well as other blogs and news sources that specifically speak to the web phenomenon.  I'll be encouraging comments and have decided that I want to add contributors once this new theme gets off the ground and flying.  I'll also use posts here to answer question that come up on Twitter, particularly, where our hands are tied by the 140 space limit, and good ideas get choked into a coma with lots of needless misunderstanding. I'm going to break this blog free from cross-reference with the others, as I will with RED JANE BIRD.  TQ NEWS is going to be aimed at a demographic that fits within a 120 mile circle from Spencer, Massachusetts, with its primary focus being Spencer itself and Worcester, 12 miles to the east.  I'll try to alert Twitter followers and Facebook friends to each change as I make it.  PIX, ARTS, RETRO and YAYAS will remain pretty much as they are.

Thanks to all.  You've made networking fun for an old beatnik.