May 4, 2012

No "Stand Your Ground" for Abuse Victims? | Regressive Rom-Coms | Sterilizing Drug Addicted Women


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Woman in Jail for Shooting at Abusive Husband: Why Didn't Stand Your Ground Laws Apply to Her?

There are major inconsistencies in applications of "Stand Your Ground" laws. READ MORE

Maurice Garland / The Loop 21

Act Like a Lady? 7 Romantic Comedies Stuck in the 1950s

Why are rom-coms so regressive? READ MORE

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / AlterNet

Meet the Group That Gives Addicts Drug Money to Get Sterilized -- and the Right-Wingers That Fund Them

For years, Project Prevention has been paying poor, addicted women not to procreate -- now, with money from the far right, it's going global. READ MORE

Jed Bickman / The Fix

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Why Women (and Men) Get "Baby Fever"

Could there be real science behind the old cliche of a woman's biological clock? I didn't believe it -- until now. READ MORE

By Tracy Clark-Flory / Salon


He-Men and Virginity Pledges? Obama Administration Quietly Endorses Absurd Anti-Sex Curriculum

The administration has succumbed to the political pressure of social conservatives, allowing ideology to prevail over the health and well-being of the nation's youth. READ MORE

By Debra Hauser, Monica Rodriguez, Elizabeth Schroeder, Danene Sorace / RH Reality Check


"Whores' Glory": A Riveting Look at Sex Work in 3 Countries

A daring, novelistic and unforgettable account of the real lives of female prostitutes in three very different countries and social contexts. READ MORE

By Andrew O'Hehir / Salon

The ILGWU women's basketball team at the Bronx Branch Athletic Club -

How Equality In Sports is Undermined by Compulsory Heterosexuality

Dispelling the pervasive hidden ideology that women in sports must appear feminine. READ MORE

By Leanne Norman / Feministe


'We Don't Go to Work to Be Touched': Sexual Harassment in the Warehouse

The same industry structure that allegedly allows for widespread violations of labor law also contributes to a climate of unchecked sexual harassment and retaliation. READ MORE

By Kari Lydersen / In These Times


New Equal Employment Rulings Help Transgender, Ex-Offender Workers Get & Keep Jobs

This week, the EEOC ruled that transgender workers are protected under the Civil Rights Act and laid out guidelines restricting criminal background checks. READ MORE

By Josh Eidelson / In These Times

Maddow Defends Women's Rights on Meet The Press, Calls Out GOP Panelist for Being "Condescending"
By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd | AlterNet


Why Men Tweet Their Penis Pix: A Theory on Gendered Effects of Insecurity
By Marianne Møllmann | RH Reality Check


Feminist Advocacy and Social Media (or How We Achieved Critical Mass)
By Echo Zen | Feministe


Time Magazine Names First Female Nobel Prize-Winner in Economics to 100 Most Influential List
By Lynn Parramore | AlterNet


Two New Ads Hit GOP Hard Over "War on Women"
By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet


How Giving Teens Honest Information About Sex is Lowering the Teen Pregnancy Rate
By Caperton | Feministe


War On Women: New Bill Would Slash Abortion Access for Low-Income Women in 17 States
By Digby | Hullabaloo


UN Adopts Landmark Resolution on Youth Sexual, Reproductive Health

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