May 25, 2012

Happy 35th Anniversary Star Wars!

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Happy 35th Anniversary Star Wars [2 Timeline Infographics]

Posted: 24 May 2012 12:00 PM PDT

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It's hard to believe that tomorrow, on May 25th, it will be exactly 35 years since Star Wars was first introduced to the world. I wonder if anyone back then had any idea about how that movie and all the ones that followed in the series would affect the world and multiple generations like it did. It's truly a movie that has inspired and united geeks around the world, and that inspiration is as strong today as ever.

You know we are huge Star Wars fans here on Bit Rebels, and we use any excuse we can to write about it. I just checked in WordPress, and we've written almost 500 articles about Star Wars so far.

I hope it never ends, and I hope we end up with thousands of articles about it before it's all said and done. Have you ever wondered where George Lucas got the idea for Star Wars in the first place? According to Newsarama, "It all began in the early 1970s when young filmmaker George Lucas wanted to bring back "Flash Gordon," a space hero serial from the 1930s, as a feature film. Rights to the property could not be secured, so instead, Lucas decided to make a new fantasy film in the same spirit of swashbuckling adventure." It's a great example of how everything happens for a reason!

Please take a walk down memory lane with me and enjoy these two timeline infographics which will definitely make you smile with geeky delight. One is called The First 35 Years Of Star Wars (created by Newsarama) and the other one is simply called Star Wars Facts (created by School Grants Blog for This Blog Rules). I hope Star Wars lives on forever. I know it will inside of me.



Minimalist Darkwing Duck Characters [10 Pics]

Posted: 24 May 2012 11:00 AM PDT

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Geoff May created a series of minimalist designs of the Disney cartoon, Darkwing Duck. This was one of the best after school cartoons of the 90s. It remains one of my personal favorites after two decades. It featured a mild mannered, single parent named Drake Mallard. He protected his city, St. Canard, as the masked vigilante, Darkwing Duck.

It was a cartoon where the majority of its themes, characters, places, storylines, and so forth were direct parodies of content from comic books. What wasn't there to love for a kid like me who had just gotten into comics around the same time? I'd spend the next decade of high school and university learning about art. There's no surprise, of course, that a minimalist collection of Darkwing Duck characters would tickle my fancy!

The minimalist movement strives to reduce the subject of the work to its essence, essentials or identity by eliminating all non-essential forms, features or concepts. The challenge, then, is to provide just enough visual cues in this collection of work to make the lines and shapes of colours recognizable as the cartoon characters they are inspired by. So, without further ado, I must introduce this series as such: "I am the terror that flaps in the night, I am the internet meme that pops up in the browser of your soul… I am DARKWING DUCK!"

Well, it sounded cool in my head anyways…

Minimalist Design of Darkwing Duck     Minimalist Design of Launchpad McQuack

Minimalist Design of Gosalynn Mallard     Minimalist design of Honker Muddlefoot

Minimalist design of Quackerjack     Minimalist design of Megavolt

Minimalist design of Bushroot     Minimalist design of Liquidator

Minimalist design of Negaduck     Minimalist design of Steelbeak

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3 Things You Can Do To Optimize Your Experience On Twitter

Posted: 24 May 2012 10:00 AM PDT

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Twitter is different than any other social media site for various reasons. There are only so many ways you can optimize your experience on Twitter since you only have 140 characters to get your point across, sell yourself, and make others relate to you. If it is your first time tweeting, you want others to find you engaging, informative and worth the follow, right?

Even if you are a frequent Twitter user, you must find ways to hold your audience's attention, be social media savvy, gain their follow and keep it. So, what are some ways you can optimize your experience on Twitter? These are the three tried and true ways that have worked for me during the three years I have been using Twitter.

1. Engage

This point cannot be expressed enough. If you only tweet links, quotes or your brand all day long, you aren't using Twitter to its full potential. Make sure to tweet to others by mentioning them and responding to their tweets. You will be rewarded with a great following network of friends who will engage with you as well.

2. Retweet The Retweetable

Often people don't realize how important it is to retweet other people's tweets. This is how you show others who you are interested in, and what they have to say. If you retweet others often, you will find those same people retweeting you before long. Retweeting others is how you show kindness on Twitter. This will help you gain the respect and appreciation of your Twitter followers.

3. Be Retweetable Yourself

It is only obvious that if you want to engage and interact with others, you must tweet things that people who follow you find interesting. In order to become retweetable, make sure you offer advice, connections and links that are important to the people who you want to follow you.

In my opinion, Twitter is the best social networking site out there. Optimizing your Twitter experience just takes some time and effort. Whether you use Twitter for business networking or friendship, your kindness on social media goes a long way to make your Twitter account whatever you hope it to be.


Image Credit: [sebreg / deviantART]

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