May 10, 2012

Game Over for the Climate

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News & Views | 05.10.12
James Hansen: Game Over for the Climate
Senator, Environmental Groups Call to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies
US Military Taught 'Hiroshima' Tactics For 'Total War' On Islam
Vermont Set to Become 1st State to Ban Fracking
Justice Dept. Sues Arizona Sheriff Arpaio for Civil Rights Violations
Praise for Obama's Marriage Equality Announcement
Hundreds of Thousands March Against Austerity in UK
and more...
Friday's Aftermath: The Egyptian Military Council's Reign of Terror
and more...
Glenn Greenwald: Obama 'Evolves' on Marriage
Amy Davidson: Mitt Romney, Bully
Robert Scheer: Hope and Hesitation in Obama's Sudden Conversion
Amy Goodman: Holding Bank of America to Account
Amanda Marcotte: The Real Reason Romney is Struggling with Women Voters
Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez: Help Wanted: Strong Leadership on Climate Change, Starting Immediately
Michael T. Klare: Oil Wars on the Horizon
and more...
Friends of The Earth: New Legislation Would End Over $110 Billion in Handouts to Fossil Fuels
Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Bombs or Bread; Congress Must Decide
Public Citizen: By the Numbers, Support Grows for Overturning Citizens United
and more...

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