May 17, 2012

Comparing User Activity Across Social Services

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Comparing User Activity Across Social Services [Infographic]

Posted: 16 May 2012 12:00 PM PDT

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I think we have all seen the decline of interaction on Twitter, and how the service has become somewhat a little less, well I wouldn't want to say interesting, but it surely has become less of what it was a couple years ago. Personally, I think Twitter lost out on a lot of users when they started messing around with the way that retweets work. The way that the direct messages are not working correctly is also a big culprit in the decline of the service, or at least that is my own experience. I don't know if the redesign of the website has been all that well received either since I have seen numerous users complain about it since it was launched. However, that is nothing that I feel is one of the biggest annoyances with Twitter.

Singling out just Twitter wouldn't be fair really. These types of annoyances are felt across the board of the social networking services, and they will mostly not stop finding their way into them since their creators are continuously trying to keep their service up to date with what they think their users expect. Facebook, Pinterest and of course LinkedIn are always frowned upon when they launch something new. Usually the fuss dies down after a while, and people start to understand the complex nature of what the new stuff might actually be able to do for them.

How do you go about choosing which one of these services is the best service to interact and engage on? One way could be to actually look at the statistics of the users and derive a proper plan that way. If you want your interaction, sharing and engagement to impact what you do, using an active service is vital to your success. GO-Gulf looked a little closer at this and compiled a pretty straight forward and quite useful infographic called User Activity Comparison Of Social Networking Sites.

It's exactly what the title suggests. It's a comparison across the most popular social networking sites, and what they have to offer as far as user activity. As we all might have guessed, Facebook is the top leader of the bunch, but the second spot is actually grabbed by the newcomer Pinterest. Facebook users average about 405 minutes on the service each month, while Pinterest actually ties that with an equal 405 minutes.

Maybe that is why Pinterest has had such an unearthly march to the top. I guess it's safe to say that Pinterest looks like it will stay around for quite a long time. That is much thanks to the streamlined way the user interface draws the user in. It's easily addictive, and I have found that spending a lot of time on Pinterest actually increases my inspiration across the board. What is going to happen to Twitter is anyone's guess. Maybe it's time for its users to say what they feel and think would be good to rejuvenate the service back to what it once was.


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How To: Woo A Blogger For Publicity

Posted: 16 May 2012 11:00 AM PDT

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Bloggers are a marketer's dream come true. If you can get on their good side, they will be one of your company's biggest brand ambassadors. Their existing fan base already trusts their recommends. This means if they talk about you, your company will get in front of potential customers usually not within your reach. Part of the DNA of true bloggers is the fact that they cannot contain their excitement and passion when they love a product and feel it is their duty to tell the world about it on every social medium possible. Oh, and they usually do this for free.

Since companies are realizing that bloggers are the new goldmine, they will do anything to capture their interest. However, building relationships with bloggers requires consideration and some occasional schmoozing. Here are four tips on how to woo a blogger:

Give them something for free

Everybody likes free sh#t. Send the blogger of your eye some free product with a hand-written note. Yes, hand-written. In this online world of automated and digital everything, a personal hand-written note goes a long way.

Stop asking for press

Bloggers are inundated with requests for free press daily. If you start your email off with a typical request asking for something from a perfect stranger, you are no different than the other ten that already spammed their inbox. Offer a value exchange. Don't just ask for something without considering how you can provide value/benefit to the blogger.

Say thank you

Blogging about your brand, resizing photos, linking out, properly tagging – these blogging basics all require time and effort. When a blogger does provide publicity for you, make sure you thank him or her and show your appreciation. Depending on the size of the media hit, you should follow up with a thank-you note (email or snail mail) and even a token of appreciation. Most bloggers remember the people who took care of them, and they like to reciprocate. They will likely plug your brand again in a future article if you are appreciative.

Make an effort to court

Wooing bloggers is similar to courting a new love interest. You need to catch their eye, compliment them, ask questions, and slowly build a relationship. Follow the blogger's social media outlets and strike up conversations with them. Comment on their blogs. Eventually they will start to notice and remember you. Then, just like asking for that first date, when it's time to approach for a media mention, they've already warmed up to you and are a lot more likely to agree to your proposition.

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Mickey Mouse Sugar Rush: Mickey Oreos, Cupcakes & Cake Pops

Posted: 16 May 2012 10:00 AM PDT

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Have you ever been on the Internet reading something and then you see another interesting link somewhere on the page and you click on it? Everybody has done that, right? You read that page and then click on another link, and this goes on and on until you find yourself on a website and you have no idea how you really got there. It's completely off the topic that you were originally reading about, but it's interesting, so you read on. This is the story of my life on a daily basis, and it's probably the main reason why I'm an Internet addict. I can't get enough of learning about all the fascinating things there are to read online.

I did that today, and through that process, I somehow stumbled onto a 2008 article on Time about the history of Mickey Mouse. I've always known that Mickey Mouse is the most recognized cartoon character in the world, and I've even written about him before in Elderly Mickey Mouse: Redesigned To Show His Age. However, what I didn't know until today is that Mickey Mouse started out as a rabbit. Yup, he's basically a redesigned rabbit. His name started out to be Mortimer, but that was quickly changed to Mickey (partly because Walt Disney's wife didn't like the name Mortimer). If you would like to read Time's 1937 cover story on Walt Disney, you can click here.

Any stories about Walt Disney's success and how he developed his empire, including how Mickey Mouse was created, are very inspiring to me. I was trying to think of the best way to celebrate all the fascinating things I learned today about the world's most famous mouse, and I ultimately decided to share some Mickey Mouse sweet treats. After all, Oreo cookies, cupcakes and cake pops are the best way to celebrate anything, right? Featured below are Mickey Mouse Oreos, Minnie Mouse Oreos, Mickey and Minnie Oreo Pops and Mickey Cupcakes. Click over to any of those original source websites to get the recipes and directions to make any of these yourself! Mickey, I hope you live forever. I know you will in my mind.

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Image Credits: [Kathie Cooks] [MaryJanes and Galoshes] [Foodista] [Sweet Tooth]

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