May 28, 2012

2012 Social Media News Broken Down By Month

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2012 Social Media News Broken Down By Month [Infographic]

Posted: 27 May 2012 12:00 PM PDT

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The state of social media is constantly changing, and changing fast. If you even sleep too long one night, you could miss the next big announcement, upgrade or acquisition. It's very similar to technology as a whole. It's fast paced, and if you don't go out of your way to stay updated by devoting time and effort to keeping on top of things, you'll get left in the dust in a heartbeat.

One easy way to always know what is going on (besides reading all your favorite blogs each day) is to follow someone on Twitter who makes it his or her business to know all this stuff. My friend @HilzFuld is one of those people. Practically everyday he tweets about what's new, he tweets pictures of it, he tweets what's great about it and what sucks, and just by following him (or someone like him), you'll always have a general idea about what's going on. Then you can do your own research to find out about the details.

In this new infographic called The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company, the highlights of social media in 2012 so far are broken down by month. I like this a lot because it's a very simple format to not only see the year at a glance, but also to catch anything you might have missed along the way. I hope they come back and add to this. It would be great to see this same infographic at the end of December with the entire 12 months listed. What are you predictions for the rest of 2012? Will Pinterest remain strong? Will Facebook continue to take over the world? Will a new social media site emerge that will distract us all once again? I guess only time will tell. If you want to read more about this, click over to this in-depth article on Technorati.

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Via: [Technorati] Header Image Credit: [ejPix]

Cthulhu Barbie Will Devour Every Single One of Your Toys

Posted: 27 May 2012 11:00 AM PDT

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There have been some crazy Barbie dolls over the years. From the fishnet stockings-wearing DC Comics Black Canary to the world's first tattooed Barbie to the upcoming Hunger Games Barbie, the blonde bombshell really has done it all. Or so you'd think.

Then along comes Sabrina Zbasnik, the creative blogger behind Introverted Wife. What started as a simple fun Photoshop project to see how many crazy Barbie ideas she could whip up has turned into a nightmare. Well, a good nightmare. It's the kind where you're a big fan of sci-fi and horror stories penned by the likes of H.P. Lovecraft. Yes, Sabrina has created an actual Cthulhu Barbie doll.

Made from an original Barbie doll, Sabrina painstakingly details exactly how she turned the perky plaything into an ancient soul-sucking creature. With a mix of latex, wires, tape, Kleenex and paint, this introverted wife proudly birthed one of the most grotesque and horrifying Barbies ever created. Her other Photoshop Barbies are pretty impressive as well, including Mage Barbie, Paladin Barbie, and a line of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Barbies.

Now don't go racing to your local Toys "R" Us store just yet. Cthuhlu Barbie is just one doll. Who knows, perhaps Mattel will get wind of this and mass-produce an actual Cthulhu Barbie doll. I can only imagine poor little Amanda's face when she opens up her birthday present, sees it's a Barbie, and then shreaks in horror when her new precious blonde princess is sporting tentacles and leathery wings. Yeah, childhood would never be the same.

The original Photoshop Cthulhu Barbie that started it all.

She's ready for her closeup.

Even Cthulhu Barbie knows the importance of a pink tiara.

Cthulhu Barbie just wants to be loved.

Via: [Introverted Wife]

Stone Footprints: The Art Of Making Footprints From Rocks

Posted: 27 May 2012 10:00 AM PDT

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We've written this so many times before… Creativity is all around us, all the time. Sometimes the most inspiring art we find is made from old books, garbage, used up office supplies or anything else unexpected that we might find around us on a daily basis. You don't have to have a lot of money, and you don't have to go shopping if you want to make something special. Just open your mind to what you already have that's just waiting for you to discover it.

These precious footprints made from rocks are a perfect example. If you and your kids want to create something while walking in nature near a stream or rocky area, this might be the perfect idea for you.

You can simply place rocks together to form unique footprints. Each one will be as unique as our own footprints. Iain Blake created all these footprints for a photography series called Stone Footprints. As you see in the pictures, he didn't just create adult-looking footprints. He also included baby footprints and even what looks like bear pawprints. If you check out his photostream, you'll see that these aren't the only kind of footprints he's made. I never knew footprints could be created so many different ways. If you want to do this for yourself, the process seems simple. You just find a big rock (or smooth stone like the ones Iain used) for the foot part. Then you find 5 smaller rocks (in the correct sizes) for the five toes. Then you take your iPhone out of your pocket and snap a pic. You can leave them there for other people to find. What a fun afternoon project that would be!

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Via: [PetaPixel] [My Modern Met]

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