Apr 26, 2012

Update to Social Sharing on Hulu.

I forgot all about Hulu!  Time to stop concentrating on Twitter and Facebook and put a little time into all those other apps I'm involved with. 8)


Hi Terry,

Since you have logged into Hulu using Facebook Connect in the past, we wanted to let you know about some updates to our Facebook integration that we rolled out on Thursday, April 26.

Now you can easily manage all of your shared Hulu activity with our new social ON/OFF button located on the upper right hand corner of the Hulu.com screen. Because we simplified our controls for sharing, we've set your social sharing status to OFF so you can decide whether you'd like to opt in or not.

Hulu Social Button

If you want to share with your friends what videos you watch, rate and favorite, simply switch the social button ON and your future Hulu activity will seamlessly publish to Hulu and Facebook. If you'd prefer not to share your Hulu activity, just keep the social button set to OFF.

  • View all of your shared videos in the Shared Activity section
  • Option to un-publish previously shared activity on Hulu and Facebook
  • Receive a reminder that the video will be shared when your social button is ON
  • Option to choose not to publish the video in the pop-up notification
See it live on Hulu

Hulu Player Notification

If you have any questions, check out Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to us here.
Here at Hulu, we are relentlessly innovating ways to help people easily find and enjoy the world's premium content. So we hope you try out the new feature and inspire your friends to join you in your latest TV discoveries.


The Hulu Team
You've received this account update email because you have logged into Hulu using Facebook Connect in the past.

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