Apr 4, 2012


Budgeting?  That sounds boring!  It's only a little boring.
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RFO#5 - Budgeting

Click here to watch "War Cry"

Click the phony image of a YouTube video ^^ above ^^ to view the real thing, or click this link to my blog.

Running a campaign is crazy expensive

I'm in the middle of trying to qualify for public financing for my campaign.  Take a look at this proposed budget for the campaign. 


* I'm running for office: State Senate actually.  Yup.

* How Billionaires evade their taxes:   Oh, and they do it LEGALLY.  

* The Affordable Healthcare Act is in the Supreme Court: and now these videos I made back in 2009 are all relevant again.

* May 1st GLOBAL STRIKE: No work, no school, no banking, no shopping. 

* Ben Manski Lays It Down: why the Democrats are at fault for losing congress in 2010.
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It's the same model that NPR runs on!


I print my own t-shirts! 
Be sure to head on over to my etsy shop and check them out.  If you like one, you should totally buy it.

Especially the propaganda ones.  I make sure to keep the cost on those low, so that as many people can buy them as possible, and get the message out as far and wide as possible.
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