Apr 20, 2012

The Onion Daily Dispatch - April 20, 2012

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Wal-Mart Executives Kind Of Weirded Out By Town Not Putting Up Any Resistance To Store Opening 04.20.12

LITTLETON, MA—Staring over a month-old press release announcing the opening of a new Supercenter, senior executives at Wal-Mart said they were a little freaked out that the people of Littleton, MA appear to have made no effort to stop them. ...

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Area Man Proud He Can Still Fit Into Car From High School

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Norwegian Mass-Murderer Would Prefer Execution

"He seems pretty miffed about the whole thing. Better let him have this one."

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Healthy, Nutritious Food Would Have Saved The Titanic

by Michelle Obama

By Michelle Obama

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Vatican Tightens Nocturnal Emissions Standards

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Dear The Onion,
I totally got what you guys were saying about each of us having to buck up and be responsible. Thanks.

— Dave Turner, Provo, ID

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