Apr 16, 2012

The Onion Daily Dispatch - April 16, 2012

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Trusted Sistine Chapel Janitor Convicted Of Sexually Abusing Last 4 Popes 04.16.12

VATICAN CITY—Bringing to a close a scandal that has rocked the Roman Catholic Church and upset millions of its followers, trusted Sistine Chapel janitor Giuseppe Falduto, 78, was convicted Thursday of sexually abusing four popes between 1965 and 201...

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Christie 2016 Comes From Nowhere To Win Republican Nomination

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Court: Employers Don't Have To Enforce Lunch Break

"Not in my store. I look over my employees with an eagle eye to make sure they're resting."

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Healthy, Nutritious Food Would Have Saved The Titanic

by Michelle Obama

By Michelle Obama

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Pony Lent To Dying Girl

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