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LinkedIn Cheat Sheet: Mastering Brand Networking [Infographic]

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 12:00 PM PDT

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When trying to reach out as a brand to new clients or customers, it's ever more important to utilize social media. The major services available are all trying to make their networking process a lot more company friendly. Most of them started out as individual and personal networking services that connected people by either interests or friendships. However, there is a huge shift in how they all operate. To make it more appealing for companies to use their services, they are adding more and more business related features. Facebook and Twitter are great examples of that. Even Pinterest is doing it to some extent right now. It's where the big money is so to speak.

LinkedIn has always been about business, and the ability to connect with new people who might become partners, collaborators or just contributors. So, why aren't more people using LinkedIn as their branding network choice? If I were to take a guess, I'd say it's because of their UI. For a beginner, it is highly confusing at times, and since I have been working with their API quite a bit lately, I have also seen that it lacks a lot of the straight forward calls that Facebook and Twitter do so well. This, to me, is a sign that the service is in need of a little overhaul in order to make it more user friendly.

Don't get me wrong though, I really enjoy the service, and I have connected with a lot of great people through it. But in order to really utilize their great business idea, I think a simplification of it all is necessary. However, since that won't happen anytime soon, and since it's anything but a quick fix, I thought I'd hit up a useful infographic that might help beginners get a grip of this strongly strategic social networking service for business networking.

Mindflash (with help from Column Five Media) put together a great one called LinkedIn Boot Camp, which is aimed towards beginners as well as people who have been using it for a while but haven't really gotten to the core of things. It outlines the service's features step by step, and takes you through the most important procedures to maximize the impact of your presence. I greatly enjoy this infographic since it is straight forward but also visually appealing.

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with like-minded business related people, so don't miss out on it all. Have a look at this and soak it all in. By the time you are done, I am sure you will be able to master this branding networking service like a boss. It's all in the way we approach things. The more personal we allow ourselves to be, the more interesting people will think we are. So, get out there and do your very best to help, connect and interact. You will find that it's really the best key to unlock this thing we call success.

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3 Easy Handmade Postcard Ideas To Make Mail Fun Again

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 11:00 AM PDT

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Yesterday as I checked my mail, I started thinking about how boring getting mail has become. The only thing I ever get anymore is junk mail, and it makes me wonder why I bother checking it so often. The last time I was annoyed about the low quality of mail that comes to me every day, I wrote about how to make snowflakes from junk mail. Today I'm going to take a different approach.

Do you remember back in the old days when people would send postcards from their vacation instead of putting the pictures on facebook? Do you remember what it was like to check the mail and actually get excited to see if there was something good in there, like a note from a friend? I do, and I miss those days a lot.

One of the reasons I look forward to the holiday season each year is because I love getting Christmas cards in the mail. I thought it might be fun to write this article with some simple handmade postcard ideas. That way, the next time we are feeling nostalgic, we can send a friend a postcard. These are 3 different ways we can make a postcard to mail the old fashioned way and brighten someone's day. Don't forget, you can even mail a postcard to someone who lives in the same house as you. It's still exciting to get mail, even if it's from the person sitting next to you on the couch. I put the easiest one first on this list, but all 3 of these are really neat! Now the only question is, where did I put the stamps?

1. Repurpose Your Duplicate Photographs

Do you have some 4×6 photos around the house that are duplicates? Many of us don't keep "real" photos anymore since we store them all online, but I bet you still have a drawer full of them somewhere. I know I do. Those make great postcards! All you have to do is flip them over and draw a vertical line down the middle. On the right side of the line, you address it and place the stamp. On the left side of the line, you write your message. It takes all of five minutes, and you're done. You can even check with some places that do online postcard printing so see if they have photo "postcard backings" that you can purchase. It's basically sticky card stock that you can stick your photo to, and it makes a heavier and more sturdy postcard. I've made several of these postcards before though, and I've never used one of those adhesive backs. It works just as well without that.


2. Happy Birthday Postcard Puzzle

This is such a neat idea, but you'd have to have a lot of crafty friends to pull it off. Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day created a downloadable template that you can use to create a happy birthday puzzle for a dear friend. You simply email about 25 people their piece of the birthday postcard puzzle. They print out their part and mail it with a note on the other side. The birthday girl or boy will receive 25 postcards in the mail, and he or she can assemble them all to complete the big birthday puzzle with a special message. This is such a creative idea, but if even just one person doesn't do it, the puzzle won't be complete. It would be fun to try anyway though! You can learn how to do this at Postcard Birthday Poster DIY.



3. Stitch Your Own Postcards

These canning jar postcards are so cute! I'd have to be feeling really confident and have a chunk of time to give this a shot, but I can really appreciate the idea. The thing that really inspires me about these is simply the fact that postcards don't have to be made out of just paper. Postcards can be made out of fabric and other materials too! Of course, in that case, they might require a little more postage, but when you open your mind up to the possibilities, it's so much fun. Monika and Bernie at My Sweet Prairie created these, and they are truly fabulous. Each postcard is made to look as if it's canned. In these particular ones, you'll see they canned bugs, pumpkins, brownie mix and salsa.


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Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Cupcakes

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 10:00 AM PDT

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Schweeeet! Now I have a legitimate reason to eat cupcakes for dinner. Unless you are a big cupcake fan like me, you probably don't know that cupcakes have really evolved over the past few years. I'm sure social media has helped this progression happen faster since foodies all over the world now have a convenient platform to share their creations with us all, which then inspires us to create our own. Now with the popularity of Pinterest, cupcakes have really moved into the spotlight where they belong. I even have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Creative Cupcakes, and I can't believe I've pinned 45 different cupcake designs already. The options are truly endless when it comes to designing a cupcake.

Along with this cupcake evolution comes a shift in how we think about cupcakes. Cupcakes are no longer just sweet, sugary concoctions. They have officially broken free from that limitation, and now it's pretty much anything goes. More and more we are seeing people treat a cupcake as part of a meal instead of just the dessert. For example, in this Chicken Wing Cupcake design, the cake part has hot sauce and blue cheese in it. The frosting is made with blue cheese, and there is even a chicken wing on top. I read that the cake part tastes kind of like cornbread.

The cupcake design I'd like to show you today is also a break from the traditional sweet cake we are used to. This is a full on cheesy pepperoni pizza cupcake! The mad cupcake scientist behind this delight is Kirbie of Kirbie's Cravings. She admits it's more of a muffin than a cupcake really. She slathered mozzarella cheese all over the tops in place of frosting. It doesn't get much better than that. If you would like the complete recipe so you can make some of these for yourself, just click over to Pizza Cupcakes. Yummy!



Via: [Laughing Squid]

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