Feb 28, 2012

Thank You For Standing Against S. 2061

If you haven't done so yet, please invite your friends, family, and neighbors to sign the petition through facebook, twitter, and or/email.  The more people who sign it, the more likely we'll have an impact.  


Below is an email you're welcome to use as a template to send to your friends to ask them to sign.


Dear Friend,

They're trying to turn Massachusetts into the next Arizona or Alabama. They're trying to pass a bill, S. 2061, that attacks immigrants' basic rights to rent a home, get an education, and go to a police officer if they're victims or witnesses to a crime.

They're even trying make it so that people can anonymously report to the attorney general anyone they "suspect" of being an undocumented immigrant. Sounds like there's potential for racism, there.

We need to stop this. Please sign this petition:



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