Feb 27, 2012

Tell Beacon Hill: Massachusetts Is Not Arizona

Dear Terry,

Massachusetts lawmakers are attacking immigrant and Latino communities, again.

Lead sponsor Democrat Senator Richard Moore, along with over 50 other Democrat and Republican co-sponsors of S. 2061, are trying to take away the basic rights of our immigrant neighbors to housing, education, work, and travel. They're setting up a system for people to anonymously report anyone they "suspect" is undocumented to the Attorney General, an idea that has racial profiling written all over it. And they're trying to force local police to check the immigration status of everyone they arrest through harmful federal programs like S-COMM.1

Bill S. 2061, or "an Act to Enhance Community Safety", won't make Massachusetts communities safe, it will tear them apart. The Joint Committee on the Judiciary is holding a hearing S.2061, tomorrow, and we need to tell lawmakers to oppose the bill today.

Please sign a petition to the Judiciary Committee telling them to vote no on S. 2061 and to not support racial profiling:

Signing this petition will send an email directly to the inboxes of the members of the Judiciary Committee. We will follow up with the offices of key lawmakers, and we'll present the total number of petition signatures at the hearing, tomorrow. Whatever action the Judiciary Committee chooses to take after the hearing, we'll make sure to hold the public officials that represent us accountable.

Please sign this petition to the Judiciary Committee urging them to vote no on S. 2061:

Tell the Judiciary Committee that you don't want to live in a Massachusetts where hardworking immigrants that infuse our communities with money are put out of work. Tell them you don't want to live in a Massachusetts where people can't drive a car, rent an apartment, or get an education in the only home they know just because they were born in a different country. Tell them you don't want to live in a Massachusetts where your immigrant neighbor doesn't report a crime to the local police for fear of getting deported.

If we don't stand up against this, no one will. Please sign the petition against S. 2061:

Thanks and ¡adelante!
Kyle, Favianna, Roberto, Laurie, Carlos and the rest of the Presente.org Team


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2. "Immigrant Community Rejects Alabama-Style Bill in Massachusetts." Centro Presente. 02/22/2012.

3. "We Say No To Anti-Immigrant SB 2061." Massachusetts Jobs With Justice. 02/23/2012.

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