Feb 27, 2012

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CommonDreams.Org              Week ending Friday February 24, 2012
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Readers' Choice / Most Read Views...

  1. Ellen Brown: How Greece Could Take Down Wall Street

  2. John Atcheson: US Running on Myths, Lies, Deceptions and Distractions

  3. Chris Hedges: Acts of Love

  4. Matt Taibbi: Another March to War?

  5. Tony Norman: Believe It or Not, Santorum's Surge Is Scary

  6. Josh Silver: Citizens United Revisited? Buckle Up, Chief Justice Roberts

  7. Rebecca Solnit: Mad, Passionate Love -- and Violence: Occupy Heads into the Spring

  8. Matt Taibbi: Arizona Debate: Conservative Chickens Come Home to Roost

  9. Robert Reich: Corporations Don't Need a Tax Cut, So Why Is Obama Proposing One?

  10. Sally Kohn: Occupy's Return From Hibernation

Readers' Choice / Most Read News...

  1. France to EU: Stop Monsanto's Corn
    France's ecology minister says decision based on studies showing GM crops "pose significant risks for the environment."

  2. 'Growth Myth' Leading to Ecological, Social Meltdown
    UN-Sponsored Papers Predict Sustained Ecological and Social Meltdown.

  3. 'It's Going to Be War': First Nations Battle Canadian Tar Sands
    The fight against the Keystone XL may have won a temporary victory in the US, but its Canadian counterpart still moving forward.

  4. Pakistan Vows To Stand with Iran if US, Israel Attack
    Pakistan has clearly affirmed that the US will not be allowed to set up any airbases in Pakistan with the purpose of attacking Iran.

  5. 'We Are All Greeks Now' Rallies in Europe, US
    The show of solidarity is in response to the "dictatorship of the financial markets and the troika: EU, ECB and IMF.

  6. Thich Nhat Hanh: Connect With and Love Mother Earth to Heal the Planet
    "We need a real awakening"

  7. Bill Gates: We Need Genetically Modified Seeds
    Gates' yield-increasing claims widely refuted by studies.

  8. Wall Street Oil Speculation Driving Surge in Gas Prices
    That speculators have a huge impact on oil and gasoline prices is not news to anyone paying attention to the subject over the years, but it is an aspect that most media outlets rarely mention.

  9. Canadian Government is 'Muzzling Its Scientists'
    Prof Andrew Weaver of the University of Victoria said, "The only information [the media] are given is that which the government wants, which will then allow a supporting of a particular agenda."

  10. Deception Aside, Scientist Who Leaked Heartland Docs Called 'Hero'
    The Pacific Institute's Peter Gleick admits leaking docs, but receives support from scientists and climate activists.

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