Dec 5, 2011

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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Fuzz Club

When local artist Bret Herholz came to me with the idea of doing a Beards of Worcester issue, my visual brain immediately leapt to images of Steven King's amazing portrait works, and I said "YES" with an emphatic fist pump.

Pub Grub: Finders/Keepers

171 West Boylston St.
West Boylston
508-835-3707 FOOD ★★★1/2
AMBIENCE ★★★★...

A rockin' ladies night

Tucked away on Barber Avenue in Worcester is a steel building filled with 40-plus feet of rock-climbing walls, known to avid climbers in the area as Central Rock Gym. Upon entering the building, climbers will be in awe of the massive structures of varied routes for beginning climbers to those with more expertise. Though from an exterior view, rock climbing may look like the ultimate of physical sports, co-owner Ed Hardy says rock climbing is so much more. "Rock climbing builds confidence, trust, focus, strength and problem-solving ability. Each climb from the bottom to the top is a 'problem' that needs to be sequenced and solved by the climber," he explains.

Goods for guns returns in time for the holidays

A decade into being at the helm of Worcester's Goods for Guns buy-back program, which has pulled 2,065 guns off the city's streets — including mostly handguns but also sniper riffles, AK-47s and sawed-off shotguns — Dr. Michael P. Hirsh is happy to finally see the program having ripple effects in other communities.

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