Dec 8, 2011

Why Corporations Have More Rights Than You | Michael Moore: 5 Ways to Stick it to Capitalist Crooks | Obama's New Populism


The Real History of "Corporate Personhood": Meet the Man to Blame for Corporations Having More Rights Than You

The real history of today's excessive corporate power starts with a tobacco lawyer appointed to the Supreme Court. READ MORE

Jeffrey Clements / Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Michael Moore: 5 Ways for OWS to Keep Sticking it to Capitalist Crooks as Winter Comes

There are many ways to keep Occupy going through the winter months. READ MORE

Michael Moore /

Why Are Cops Losing Their Jobs for Questioning the Drug War?

Police and Border Patrol officers around the country are being punished for criticizing the devastating war on drugs and supporting drug decriminalization. READ MORE

Rania Khalek / AlterNet

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Who Are the Dudes and the Vipers, and Why Are They Bombing the Afghans?

The U.S. Air Force continues to bomb Afghanistan -- the civilian toll remains unknown. READ MORE

By Nick Turse / AlterNet


How Anticorporate Sentiment Might Just Have Killed the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

AT&T withdrew its application from the FCC to take over T-Mobile. So is the merger dead? And if so, who killed it? READ MORE

By Sarah Jaffe / AlterNet


What's Behind Obama's New Populist Tone?

His embrace of defiant, populist messaging represents a break with the bipartisan-friendly political style that defined Obama's first years as president. READ MORE

By Steve Kornacki / Salon


"Mind-Mapping": How We Manipulate the People We Love

All too often, people do hurtful things with impunity and entitlement in relationships simply to gratify their own needs. READ MORE

By David Schnarch / Psychotherapy Networker

John Carney. -

CNBC Editor Launches Sloppy, Dishonest Attack on AlterNet in Defense of Wall Street

In a textbook example of psychological projection, John Carney calls me a liar. READ MORE

By Joshua Holland / AlterNet

Sheriff Arpaio Showdown: Resignation Demands Grow Amid Child Sex Crimes Debacle


By jeffbiggers / AlterNet


China Pushes for Post 2020 Legally-binding Climate Deal

China's conditions for a treaty included a renewal of carbon-cutting pledges by rich nations, along with hundreds of billions of dollars in climate financing for poorer countries. READ MORE

By / AFP

OWS Roundup: Videos from Occupy Homes and 99% in DC, Congressman Wants NYPD Conduct Investigated, More
By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet


Obama Administration Overrules FDA on Availability of Plan B--Huge Slap in the Face to American Women
By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet


Perry Getting Desperate: Releases Gay-Baiting, War-on-Christmas-Trumpeting Campaign Ad
By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet


Mocking Trump, Colbert Announces Own "Serious, Classy" GOP Debate to Air on "Animal Planet"
By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet

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